Leadership: SGT Guksona & fckingsexmachine
Playing Style: Grinding, Looting, PVP.
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Activity Status: Active
Forum Thread: [1]
Website: Teamspeak & Skype
Recruitment: Invitation, CV Formation *CV Formation at bottom*
Main Language: English, Georgian
Main Timezone: (UTC+ 4:00)


So how it starts. before first outbreak me and my friends were travelling around the world, our ride gone in Fairview. we were invited at party, my heart was feeling something bad but i decide not to spoil my friends mood. midnight was outflowed but people continue dance with NON-STOP mode.. my friends were very drunken so i was complelled to get them in taxi one by one. we were at hotel at 4:00 AM, after few minutes i was already the morning i heard scream "Marry nooo..! you are not a real marry were is my sweet wife...!" i got up quickly and ran out in the hall, there was worst entertaiment ever, young kneeled man was looking at his wife, a girl was covered with blood my friend thought that she was injured and decide to make first aid...when my friend was neared at her, she roar, catch him and bite...i realize what was that, that was something like Zombie Apocalypse..we ran out from hotel...outside was more worst, i was thinking what the hell is that...after few minutes a woman which was dressed in soldier's uniform came to us and told us..that there was safe place which called "Nastya's Holdout"...all survivors were here, when guards saw my friend was injured told me that they have some buisness for me and took me alone for talk, they said that my friend was infected and he was dangerous for people, they promise me that dying would be painless.

That was my dark I'm sergeant and I will fight to save the world for bury my friend in his motherland.

Game Policy:

  • Our communication is "Gamewide" not something private interesets...we are just for fun.
  • We accept good jokes but swearwords or media which reverse Creaky Corpse Rules is blocked.
  • We accept people who want play for fun and not only for Earn.
  • We record videos about our funny moments and powerfull fights.
  • We are very respectfully minded about other Clans, coz it's just a game
  • Our lovely conversation is street english (not swearwords) and talk with "FACEBOOK MEMES"

How To Join:

  • That's not hard
  • You must be lvl 40 or higher (Low than 40 can be invited only)
  • We need communication way to you                                                   
    Dead frontier outbreak art 3 by Shade of Nekura
  • We need your Alternative Name
  • So that's all...Copy CV it's under this...


  • Username:
  • User ID:
  • Skype:
  • Email:
  • Your favorite Joke:
  • Favourite Item (Armour, Gun,  Melee):
  • Favourite Build:

Send CV on email:

General Clan Bank:

  • Our clan have general Bank on another account which called "1st class Banker".
  • When clan members will go to looting or grinding together, 20% of procured money will withdraw in General Bank.
  • General Bank isn't for administration or leaderships we have our rankings and each ranked player can claim his/her item.
  • Each Item pack has his own ran Recruitment, you can see recruitment under this with Table.

General Bank Rewards:

SOON.....! after clan gain 10 memebers


  1. SGT Guksona - [Leadership] (UserID: 9601777)
  2. fckingsexmachine - [Founder] (UserID: 9725476)
  3. Shadowalker - [Captain] (UserID: 9740744)
  4. SGT Ccleaner - [Captain] (UserID: 9601869)


- FOUNDER: Creator of clan who get decisions about clan issues. Founder isn't availing with his status and he is just a player like all in "Gamewide" ambience.

- LEADERSHIP: Leader of clan who get decisions about "Gamewide" Issues. Leadership isn't availing with his status and he is just a player like all in "Gamewide" ambience

- COLONER: Highest rank in clan. he can make decisions about "Gamewide" Issues ony when clan Leadership isn't Online.


- MAJOR Strong and smart person in clan who support clan adminisration about Problematic issues.


- MAJOR: This person can control game course in outpost. 


- LIEUTENANT: This rank means that person who wear this appelation is powerfull.


- SERGEANT: This person have some deserve in clan.


- CORPORAL: Stronger than "1st class Private" he/she is stable member of clan.


- PRIVATE 1ST CLASS: Person who succeed 2nd class.



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