"AUT Headshootmonkys AUT"
AUT Headshootmonkys AUT
Leadership: sentinel1988
Playing Style: Loot and Boss Hanting
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Activity Status: Active
Forum Thread: [ AUT Headshootmonkys AUT]
Recruitment: 40+
Main Language: Deutsch and Englisch
Main Timezone: All Time

The AUT Headshootmonkys AUT are a group of higher beings that are sworn to overlook the hundred realms of life. In every realm of life there is an alternate version

of earth. On earth there are humans that live out their lives unaware 

of the forces around them. The job of the AUT Headshootmonkys AUT is simple, to protect the hundred realms from the danger. Our goal is not to protect the normal humans but to protect the realms. Those who threaten the realms let them be good or evil human or demon are enemies of us.

 Our Purpose

To organize the humans that live in Fairview and train them to defend their world from the evil that is found throughout the city. Soon this infection will spread and ultimately destroy this realm we must stop this at all cost.

 Ranks and squads

our memeber will be in one of five squads each with its own specialty. Shenron: The shenron are the “warriors” in the clan. They excel at combat and pvp. They will be our assault force in time of war. Kengi: The kengi are our “special ops” squad. They are excellent at staying hidden and are our looters and scouts in time of war. Synin: The synin are our defenders and are very tough and resistant. They can take a lot of hits and still be able to move efficiently. They are usually body guards for our scouts and they are decoys that help the attack force take down a target quicker. They are similar to the shenron but they have a defensive mind set rather an offensive one. Fairies: Fairies are not as good as the other squads in battle but they are an amazingly supportive group. They provide medicine and are usually the ones who help produce food, repair armor, and heal people. They are our support in times of war. Decion: . One decion can pretty much cover the roles of the other squads. They are resourceful, smart, charismatic and very skillful at looting, fighting, defending, scouting and support. The decion will be our trump cards in time of war. there are 10 ranks in each squad rank 1 being the strongest and rank 10 being the weakest.


In each squad there will be two officials. the captain and the vice captain The captain is the squad leader. he/she is in charge of the entire squad. if members have any issues or want to request a rank up match they must see their squad captain The vice captain is second in command of their squad. they pass down orders from the captain to ranks. the vice captain is can also approve ranking matches.

Ranking up

The AUT Headshootmonkys AUTuse a battle system to rank up. Members who have rank can challenge one another for their position. For example if a rank 5 is challenged by a rank 6 they will go to the arena or a secluded part of the city and fight for the position if rank 5 wins both members stay the same but if rank 6 wins then they switch ranks. In order to challenge somebody you must report to an official of your squad and request a match. This match must be recorded for verification. Challenges can only be granted if the official believes that the challenger is worthy of the rank he is trying to get. So if you are rank 10 and you challenge rank 1 it will most likely not be granted unless you have done something exceptional. Rank ups will also be awarded to those who show dedication to the clan.


trainees are members who show pontential and will be given rank when they show dedication or reach a certain level.


Those who want to join the clan must follow these simple requirements. You must not have spreaded stats. (exceptions can be made for players whose stats aren’t to bad You must fill out the application below and pm it to one of the clan leaders. What is your Current Level and Age?

What is your strongest weapon type? *shotguns, pistols, melee, ect...*

Do you understand what "posting" on forums is?

Do you agree to post often on this clan page?

Do you swear to obey orders passed down to you?

What classification do you think you fall under?

What is your class? Have you been in pvp before? What bosses have you killed if any?


You may multi-clan if you like. But if you have high rank this must be your main clan You must be respectful to your leaders and those of higher rank. You must be able to play at least 3 times a week (exceptions can be made) And you MUST post in the clan forum at least once a week. You can talk any way you want in the forums as long as you don’t reference the clan in a way that will make us lose members. This clan is a place where you can trust your team mates so don’t be afraid to say what you feel Clan assignments


Event : Playing in Secrombase all day 20.15 pm


1. being disrespectful to other members of the clan

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