Aggro, or aggression, is how the infected in an area behave in response to a survivor. Aggro is one of the most commonly heard terms in Dead Frontier. It refers to the amount of attention the zombies in the Inner City give you. As aggro increases, so does the number and speed of zombies.


It is thought that aggro increases as you go deeper into the city, but it is only the overall amount of infected that is higher, meaning there are more that will attack when aggro is raised. Aggro is increased by making noise; the noisier a weapon used, the faster the aggro level will be raised. Every weapon in Dead Frontier has a certain degree to increase aggro except melee weapons (excluding chainsaws). Pistols and Rifles will only draw in zombies who are within hearing range. Sirens also increase aggro by emitting powerful, loud screams.

Aggro is set to a significantly higher level in some missions so be alert when doing missions. As aggro increases, there will be a presence of larger number of infected, and these zombies would usually be charging towards the player and may even swarm a player. Melee weapons do not increase Aggro nor do they attract onscreen zombies; however, chainsaws will attract onscreen zombies, and build aggro at a significant speed. Pistols, Rifles, and Submachine Guns create on screen aggro. Shotguns, Explosives, Assault Rifles, Heavy Machine Guns and Miniguns increase aggro by a great degree and attract large numbers of zombies, both off screen and on. 

Aggro2 Horde

A horde of aggro during a loot run.

Aggro increases the longer you stay in the Inner City , meaning even if you have only melee weapons like knives or blades, sooner or later there will be a horde after you  ( Which is why you have aggro spikes or if you stay too long in a Personal Outpost/PO , there will be a Personal Outpost Attack or POA ). So using only melee won't guarantee that there will be no aggro after a while, but melee (excluding chainsaws) keeps the aggro down the longest, as do Pistols and Rifles. [It is recommended to cause aggro after staying in the Inner City after a long time (2 days minimum) as the aggro which has been building up will drop again . - This info is subjective, your mileage may vary]

Aggro Spike

Occasionally, aggro will increase without any provocation. This phenomenon is called an "Aggro Spike" and is not a coding bug. Except for the "regular" burning zombie, most of the time bosses will carry an Aggro Spike. Sometimes, it can be temporarily reduced if the player goes off screen at the beginning of the spike (i.e., switching areas, entering A.F.K, etc.). Players can also attempt to fight through the spike, which although difficult, is possible. Take caution, however, as bosses may accompany Aggro Spikes. This being the case, it is best to avoid Aggro Spikes when looting. If entering A.F.K to escape a horde or small amounts, they'll continue to chase and attack you after you come out of it. Aggro Spikes can be stopped without fighting if a player:

  1. Refreshes the page a few times
  2. Crosses a few blocks

Note: Walking back and forth many times across 2 blocks will also work but it takes some time.

Note : Sometimes there will be no noticeable aggro on the streets , but if you go inside a building , there will be lots of aggro.


High aggro in 3D is characterized by large numbers of very fast zombies. Zombies will charge directly at the survivor with maximum speed, trying to kill him or her. If they cannot reach the survivor directly, they will change directions in an attempt to get around whatever is blocking them. (But if they are behind a high fence, it's best to keep their attention by firing at them so that they don't figure out how to go around and attack you.)

Chainsaws, Machine Guns, Shotguns, and Grenade Launchers provide a survivor with excellent firepower, and fences and objects may be very useful objects while escaping packs of zombies. Still, if you're not properly armed in the situation, run away. If zombies hit an obstacle (such as an abandoned car or a fence) while chasing you, the zombies will temporarily flee, buying some survivors valuable time to escape.

Sometimes the aggro increase is not easily seen outside because you could be ignored by other zombies. However once you go inside a building, zombies will start spawning through doors and from stairs and are sprinting towards you.

Player's Reactions

Player reactions vary, because there are those who want aggro so that they can gain EXP (grinders), and those who don't because their goal is to find things to get money or items (looters).

Aggro on a loot run or a scouting mission is undesirable, as it obviously makes it more difficult to search bodies, cars, etc. Using loud weapons, such as Shotguns, Machine Guns, Chainsaws, or Explosives, will cause aggro and should be avoided unless absolutely necessary. Causing aggro on a loot run is sometimes met with disgust by other players. It is advisable to loot in Single Player, because other people in the party may start to use firearms, and thus attract more aggro.

A few select players will want aggro, whether for gaining EXP, or just for a good fight. For these types of gamer, an idiot proof equation has emerged:

Players + Noisy Weapons = Aggro = Zombies

Weapons + Skill + Zombies = EXP

What Should I do?

Players as said may vary in their reactions but there are ways to overcome aggro spikes. First, it depends on what do you decide to do. You can either run away from it or hold your ground. If decide to run away always watch out for your energy in other words don`t run like you can run forever. If you are in a building, get out immediately (unless barricaded). You may need to run at least 4 blocks away to completely be freed from the aggro and you may return if you decide to. If you don`t think you can survive an aggro spike then it is best to run as there is no reason for you to stay and die. Simply going back and forth between 2 blocks also works to get rid of the aggro spike.

If you decide to hold your ground, then you may to be ready for it as aggro may last up for sometime and you will need to annihilate all of them. More may spawn as you hold your ground. DO NOT panic in an aggro spike and do not enter buildings. They may follow you in and you may end up being flocked by them in small spaces. Stay focused and kill as many possible without injuring yourself. Don`t rush but keep a steady pace. All weapons may be used and even melee can be effective, a bit slow tho. Avoid combat in close quarters, for example alleys or parking lots. Also be wary of cars, truck and buses on the streets as not all of them can be passed on all sides. Some wrecks are positioned in a way that there is a small gap between them, some of these gaps can be passed through, others will get you stuck. And also be ammo conscious and waste too much of it. Accuracy is always good.

Grinding EXP


OA at Doggs Stockade

Should a player choose to level or grind in a high aggro scenario/environment, he or she must keep a few important things in mind in order to be successful.

Solo Aggro/Team Aggro - This is important, as an aggro situation differs drastically from when you are on your own and from that when you are together with one or more players. For example, In Solo Aggro, the most ideal situation is when you are fighting a horde of zombies from one direction. It is easy to side step or run even in tight areas, especially if the zombies are relatively slower than you. However in an aggro situation where there are 2 or more players, there are instances that each player has his/her own group of zombies chasing him/her. This can be risky at tight areas as there are moments when zombies following one player suddenly shifts attention to another player, catching him or her off guard.

Watch your Energy - Since the number of fast moving zombies increase in high aggro, chances are you will expend more of your energy in running . So conservation of energy is the most important thing of all. Once you deplete your energy, it will be more difficult to avoid attacks, especially at cases where exceptionally faster zombies are swarming from multiple directions.

Fight what you can kill - Though not impossible, it is cumbersome to eliminate a boss or a continuous horde of
SHDW Grind Aggro

A group of players encountering significant aggro while boss hunting.

zombies if you are not properly equipped, built, and skilled. It is always wise to fight within the scope of your capability and resources. It would also be best to be in a zone that corresponds to the player's level.

Note : If you want to kill a boss, but want to ignore the other zombies, either take the boss to a lonely place or keep on moving. (With the changes of the infected's AI it's difficult to get the boss alone. The best way I've found is to run the blocks with the boss. Occasionally a zombie or two will run from behind, so be careful.)

Look out for others - Some like aggro, some don't. Always be considerate of those who don't. When you want to induce aggro, make sure you do it in situation where others won't be caught off guard and put at risk.

Quick Notes

  • Aggro spikes refer to a sudden increase in aggro.
  • Some zombies will show up at certain points randomly even without aggro.
  • Players can cause aggro on purpose by shooting excessively with a noisy weapon. Be warned, though, all players in the vicinity will experience the increased aggro.
  • Zombies move much faster while in a higher aggro state.
  • Large groups of zombies will greatly reduce maneuvering and dodging space, making Tendrils and Spiders, not to mention bosses, much more dangerous and harder to avoid. Even 1-2 alerted zombies coupled with a lone Spider can pose a serious threat.
  • Zombies have the ability to push other zombies thus increasing the movement speed of that zombie. This is a huge problem if the aggro raises and the player has low agility.
  • Survivors should use melee weapons (excluding chainsaws), pistols or rifles as their primary weapon during loot runs.
  • Pistols and rifles do not increase aggro, they only draw in zombies within hearing range.
  • Zombies do not seem to be attracted by flashlights which means it is safe to identify them from a distance by looking at the shadow they cast (Useful for identifying Black versions of mutants who 'camouflage' in the dark).
  • Having high agility is essential to efficiently dodging zombies and staying out of danger.
  • Aggro increases even if none of your weapons increase aggro. Meaning, even if you only use melee (excluding chainsaws), pistols or rifles, aggro will still increase.
  • The in-game music picks up in unison with aggro.