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Armor is used to protect your frail body from anything that might cause you harm from the outside, such as Weapons or Zombies. Unfortunately, these do not provide protection for the whole body and need to be maintained well, or else they will become as useless as any other piece of fancy clothing.

Most higher level armor will have a certain Strength requirement to be able to wear it. The stronger and more complex an armor is, the more skill and cash it will require to repair it and the more experienced Engineers are required to properly fix the armor. Some armor can also come in different colors to suit the player. Every armor can be colorized through apprentice dye or master color at the yard.

There are roughly 4 different conditions of how damaged an armour can be, which are:

  • Normal = 75 - 100%
  • Scratched = 40 - 74%
  • Damaged = 1 - 39%
  • Broken = 0%

Durability is the amount of damage a piece of armor can take before breaking and being useless in absorbing any more damage. Damage absorption is the percentage of damage the armor will absorb from the raw damage and deal to its durability value, with the remainder being dealt to the player's health.

Armour may be found in the Inner City by looting or bought via the market from other players; some kinds of armor can also be bought at the Credit Shop. When finding armor, there is a small chance that it will be "MasterCrafted" and grant extra Stats points when equipped. Survivors can also request an item to be Master-Crafted or God-Crafted if they can pay the necessary cash or credits at The Yard.

Armour can also be scrapped for a set value to get rid of it quickly, though MasterCrafted / GodCrafted armour will be worth more.

Note: When MC'ed armour is broken while still equipped, the stats will stay increased unless the MC armour has been unequipped. Also, Endurance bonuses from MC'ed armour does not directly affect your total health, but it acts as pseudo-health, for the same effect. Damage reduction implant effects do not apply to armour, but the damage you would take after the armour absorbs what it can.

It costs the same amount to dye an armour as it does to enhance it.

Armour Types

Non-Strength Armour

Non-Strength Armour

Strength Armour

Strength Armour

Old Armour

These armours were used from the beginning of the beta stage until September 18, 2009 when they were renamed and re-skinned.

Old Armour
Flak Jacket
Flak Jacket
20 Durability
20% Damage Absorption
Repair by Engineer Level 3+

Scrap Value: $506
Originally, jackets of this type were issued to pilots due to Anti-Aircraft flak. The most basic, and cheapest, of armour found in the rotting streets, probably from surplus stores.

Modified September 18, 2009 - Replaced by the Sports Armour

SA1 Mesh
SA1 Mesh
40 Durability
25% Damage Absorption
Repair by Engineer Level 15+

Scrap Value: $1,850
The SA1 Mesh was a recent addition to the civilian market of armour. It was beginning to show up in light police duty and to the civilian market before the apocalypse. It was praised for comfort and light weight, but not its minimal protective qualities.

Modified September 18, 2009 - Replaced by the Zylon Vest

XR22 Mesh
XR22 Mesh
60 Durability
30% Damage Absorption
Repair by Engineer Level 20+

Scrap Value: $2,750
The XR22 model abandoned the imposed limitations on civilian armour and moved closer to military wear. The armour strength comes from its enhanced Kevlar web that covers a large portion of the body, and its high craftsmanship. It was popular among SWAT and FBI teams, among other government agencies as it could be easily concealed under clothing.

Modified September 18, 2009 - Replaced by the Kevlar Vest

XZ8-GX Mesh
XZ8-GX Mesh
80 Durability
35% Damage Absorption
35 Strength Required
Repair by Engineer Level 25+

Scrap Value: $3,850
The XZ8 is the strongest mesh armour known to man - or so its manufacturer claimed. All pretense of comfort or cost were disregarded in its manufacture, so as to make an armour that could allows it user to survive a gun battle in the world of increasingly high caliber weapons. Both a new super-fiber woven into the mesh, several ceramic armour plates, and its helmet and shoulder guards, enable it to take enormous punishment.

Modified September 18, 2009 - Replaced by the Flak Jacket

LR8 Reactive
LR8 Reactive
100 Durability
50% Damage Absorption
40 Strength Required
Repair by Engineer Level 30+

Scrap Value: $5,150
The LR8 armour was widely used in many countries' armed forces before the outbreak. It was then considered the pinnacle of personal defensive technology - popular with many mercenary and terrorist groups as well. Its manufacturing secrets were closely guarded, and the knowledge of its repair and upkeep is limited to skilled engineers.

Modified September 18, 2009 - Replaced by the SN-42

ZX11 Reactive
ZX11 Reactive
120 Durability
55% Damage Absorption
55 Strength Required
Repair by Engineer Level 45+

Scrap Value: $8,350
It was eventual that even the venerable LR8 would eventually have a successor, and the ZX11 was it. It was years from mass production - the extremely fine fibers, superhard alloys, and weave used in its construction were very expensive. Even then, it was produced in small amounts for special forces units and the occasional presidential security detail.

Modified September 18, 2009 - Replaced by the Reactive SLX

ZRX-H Reactive
ZRX-H Reactive
150 Durability
60% Damage Absorption
70 Strength Required
Repair by Engineer Level 45+

Scrap Value: $10,250
Created by the same people who pioneered the LR8 and ZX11 Reactive armours, the ZRX-H Reactive armour is rumored to be the most durable armour ever known to man. This armour was said to be able to withstand a bullet from a 12.7mm high-powered sniper rifle without a scratch. Of course, very little is known about this armour - the usual government classifying and the company refusing to reveal how the vest even worked. Its price alone proved for it to be unpopular, coupled with a lack of explanation. Even if you are lucky enough to find one, keep in mind such a complex piece of armour can only be repaired by the most experienced and knowledgeable engineers.

Modified September 18, 2009 - Replaced by the Reactive XT800

Dusk Mesh
Dusk Mesh
120 Durability
60% Damage Absorption
Repair by Engineer Level 25+

Scrap Value: $1,150
And not to be outdone, the Dusk Mesh displaces the ZRX-H Reactive. Some claim it to be a powered combat suit. It's created by AdminPwn for those who prove themselves to be elite survivors or those directly under his plan.

This armour cannot be found in the city but was previously available in the Elite Shop for 300k. ($ 300,000)
Added May 15, 2008; Re-Skinned September 18, 2009

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