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Basic Controls:


You can use the WASD or the Arrow Keys to move around the map. The mouse indicates what direction your character will be looking in.

Holding down the Shift key while you move will make you sprint but your energy level will decrease at the same time. You can attack while sprinting.


Not only can you click the mouse buttons but you can also use Z and X to attack. Aiming is still used by the movement of the mouse in both incidents. 


Press B to barricade a door or unbarricade. NOTE: You need a set of wooden planks and nails with a claw hammer to barricade.

​​Key Shortcuts:


To enhance you gaming experience, press F4 to enter Fullscreen mode (sometimes doesnt work with Internet explorer) and Esc to exit Fullscreen mode


To view the all important map showing the location of missions and outposts, you can use the M key to bring up the map of Fairview (this will take ten seconds).


To view your new loot or use medicinal/food items, you can also use the I to bring up the inventory (as with the M and L, this will take ten seconds) but be warned, this can sometimes exit you from Fullscreen mode.


Press Escape button and wait for 10 seconds for the main menu to pop up and click logout located at the bottom of the menu.


In order to find that all-important loot, when you find something you can search, approach it and a prompt will pop up telling you to press E. Press and hold E and it will show you what you've looted, and a note if you can't use it.

Switch Weapons:

In order to switch out weapons, press the Spacebar. You can equip up to three weapons at a time. This will allow you to switch between range and melee weapons with relative ease and speed.

Hiding the HUD:

Simply press the H button to hide and reveal the HUD (Heads-up display).

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