Dead Frontier Special Task Force
Leadership: Eugin Phillips
Playing Style: Street-fighter
Alignment: Unknown
Activity Status: Active
Forum Thread: Dead Frontier Special Task Force
Recruitment: lvl 1+
Main Language: English
Main Timezone: unknown

  • Hello Ladies and gentlemen this is dead frontier special task force we are an group with strong and brave members which we are very proud of, we do missions ,loot runs,loot trips ,travelling among the map sometimes and save players if need to, we're here to make heroes ,brave survivors that will even pass throught the hardest zombie barricade and save another survivor life or its own.
  • Requirements:Name,lvl 25+, proffesion,weapons ,how long you will be active (days of the week) ,how skilled dead frontier player are you(the last one is only for newbies in the clan)
  • Leader:Eugin phillips lvl 39 ,proffesion soldier ,weapons:mc kolt anaconda,mc sabre,Fm Fal ,i will be active as much as i can.
  • Sergeant:Lightingdragon12 lvl 34,proffesion lawyer,weapons:Katana,m24 active as much as ,he can
  • Coproral:BADBULLET lvl 38 ,proffession athlete,weapons:machete,m79,Chicago typewritter ,active as much as he can
  • Soldier First Class:Saitar lvl 33 ,proffession chef,weapons: battle axe,kolt anaconda,fire poker ,not much active
  • Soldier Second Class:LordDeath lvl 29,proffession engrineer,weapons:sega-20,m79,spsa 12 ,active

Backstory:This clan was found by a brave survivor that had problems a bit spending the day in the dead frontier inner city but somehow he found his way and got to his feet and fighted till the end and helped and saved many other survivor lifes and did many good, along with his best friend lightingdragon12 they had adventures and good and bad times but they didnt stoped they wanted to spread the word make the dead frontier a better place soo one night when they had maked their own outpost the idea of creating a clan got to their minds and then they maked their idea become true,soo they made it happen as they wanted to.

Dead Frontier Colombia Dusk man & Beatzoo
History Cotn

The dead frontier special task force

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