"Global Marines"
Global Marines
Leadership: Yohhan08
Playing Style: PVP and TS
Alignment: Lawful Good
Activity Status: Active
Forum Thread: [ Global Marines]
Website: (comming soon)
Recruitment: Level 70+ Recruting
Main Language: English, Tagalog
Main Timezone: Asia, Philippines


Updated on 4/30/2015

Time 11:45am Date 06/05/30

Police arrested twenty people on a fifth day of street protests in the Philippines over the news of a new virus that started in Africa. More than 200 thousand protesters rallied mid-afternoon outside Philippine's stately city hall, chanting "No cure, no vacine, no justice, no peace" and demanding to know the circumstances that lead to Sunday's death of Paulo, age 25, a week after his arrest in a infection rampage. All the states not only in Philippines are on high alert of this said Virus

Time 07:45pm Date 06/15/30

The virus have infected more than 5 Billion of the human population. Government had collapse, Riots everywhere, fire had taken over cities. Death was certain......

             6 months later, The Global Marines that had been away from their homes have returned from their Artic training. They were unaware of this so called z-virus untill they got a distress call from civilians crying for help, sadly the zombies took care of him and was killed.Hearing this, the Fleet Admiral Yohhan08 have called all the crews to the deck and told the situation.

                Fleet Admiral Yohhan08: I have a bad and shocking news, the world had died 6 months ago. According to the civilian who just died in a distress call, there are people who are no longer humans because of the z-virus. They became undead and once you get bit or scratch by those undead people, you will be considered infected and will turn just like one of them in 8 hours from the injury.

                Chief of Navy Admiral misiop: So what are we going to do,sir?

                Fleet Admiral Yohhan08: Marines you have a choice to leave with some supply and visit your homes or to follow me on finding a cure which will cure the world including your family, if they are infected. I'll give you guys 10 minutes to decide.

(10 minutes later)

                Chief of Navy Admiral michaellouielim: Marines!!! Salute! o7 o7 o7 o7 o7 o7 o7 o7 o7 o7 o7 o7 

                Chief of Navy Admiral misiop: Sir! We are awaiting your orders!

                Fleet Admiral Yohhan08: So from today on, we are entering unknown territories. Our Objective is to find survivors, to know the situation and make that goddamn cure a reality.

Fleet Admiral Yohhan08: Chief of Navy Admiral michaellouielim, you will handle the Communication Team and locate survivors specially scientist. Chief of Navy Admiral misiop, you will handle the Loot Team and find us some more supplies, this war against the undead will not end in one day. As for me ill handle the Assault Team.

Chief of Navy Admirals: Sir Yes SIR!

Fleet Admiral Yohhan08: Captain Henri Samontiza gather up the Assault Team we will have a drill at 0500

Captain Henri Samontiza: As you ordered sir!.

Captain Henri Samontiza: Seamans! Get your sorry asses in the Assault Uniform now! meet here at 0445. MOVE IT!

Chief of Navy Admiral michaellouielim: Captain abando66 your incharge of high frequency in the Communication Team, lets find those survivers now!

Captainabando66: I Copy Admiral!

Chief of Navy Admiral misiop: Captain Loader11 get men ready were getting of this boat to get supplies! The Assault Team will protect us but still get some weapons to protect yourselves.

Captain Loader11 : Sir, We need to check the map first for routing

Chief of Navy Admiral misiop: well do it now!

Captain Loader11: SIr Yes SIR!   We dont know why or when did the z-virus came, but one thing for sure we must destroy the undead and get the cure or immunity.


"We live.....we fight....we move forward... keep pushing through even thou the waves are against us. Finding the cure is our top most priority, if there is anyone out there please help us making that cure a reality. This is Fleet Admiral Yohhan06 calling for more survivors out there from the Global Marines Ship. We are not done yet!!....this is the last ship!." CREDITS:

This Made Up Story was made by Chief of Navy Admiral michaellouielim Reference:

This Wiki was made by Chief of Navy Admiral michaellouielim (gone)


1. No spamming, trolling, or grieving on the DF forum or the weekly forum that has bee made.

2. No sexual, racial, or intelligence discrimination of any kind to all.

3. Multi-clanning is not allowed.

4. No spamming for jobs. You will be based on what or who you are.

5. Be a good person.

6. Follow your comanding officer but if its not right tell it to the Fleet Admiral about it and will be judge if it is wrong.

7. Help your fellow ally at anything reasonable.

8. .Protect your Clans dignity and honor (don't do something bad that the clan will be ashamed).

9. Just be a great player not a hacker nor a spammer or something like that.

10. Be active if not pm the fleet admiral why you will not be active much.


Chain of Command

Ranking system :

Fleet Admiral - Creator of the clan, highest honor given by the PND (Philippine Navy Defense).

Chief of Navy Admiral -Second in Command, worthy of respect and high fighting capability.

Captain- Choosen by the Admirals or right hand side of the Admirals.

Lieutenant - Has become a loyal member.

Seaman- Newbie member of the clan.

Seaman Recruit - trial period of the person joining the clan.


The Jobs that are available of the Clan:

Communication Team - Calling for recruitments and Survivers that knows the cure.

Looter Team - Loots goods from the inner city back to the Global Marines Ship.

Assault Team - Big, tough, and good at their weapons. Guards high priority areas and boss hunts.


Use this form for signing up, copy and paste it into a message and send it to Yohhan08, and you will be told if your application has been approved/denied, ASAP. 

NOTE: LEV 70+ only. Thanks

Application Form To Join : 






Why you want to join us:

Former relations to any clan (if any)...:




Username Rank Job
Yohhan08 Leader, Fleet Admiral Assault Team
Acquia Co Leader Loot Team
abando66 Captain Communication Team
Henri Samontiza Captain Assault Team
Loader11 Captain Looter Team
DarkKnight00 Lieutenant Communication Team
Destroyer IVI Lieutenant Assault Team
IRyan Seaman Looter Team
Miss Thomson Seaman Looter Team
eljayx123456 Seaman Recruit No Job 
biofeedback Seaman Recruit No Job 
MkAzDaw 1o Seaman Recruit No Job

The Member area is edited regularly.

Dead Rooster

Username Rank Job Gone, M.I.A, K.I.A, Scammer, Importunate person
m i s i o p Co Leader, Chief of Navy Admiral Looter Team Gone
michaellouielim Co Leader, Chief of Navy Admiral Communication Team Gone
Henri Samontiza Captain Assault Team Gone
Destroying24seven Vice Admiral(old clan ranking) ALL M.I.A.
Lady Ayanah Seaman Recruit No Job  Importunate Person

Stat Guidelines


Weapon Accuracy Reliable Aim onscreen Perfect Aim onscreen/reliable aim offscreen Perfect Aim Offscreen
Very High Accuracy 40 60 80
High Accuracy 60 80 100
Average Accuracy 80 100 124
Low Accuracy 100 124 N/A
Very Low/Ultra Low Accuracy 124 N/A N/A

Critical Hit 

Weapon Critical Hit Chance Critical Hit Rate X% @ Y Critical Hit Points
Very High Critical Chance Need 80 Critical Hit Points
High Critical Chance Need 112 Critical Hit Points
Low Critical Chance Need 124 Critical Hit Points
Very Low Critical Chance Need 124 Critical Hit Points
Very Low Critical Chance (Miniguns) Need 124 Critical Hit Points

This Stats were from Weapons to help guide members and other players on how many they should put in their stats


  • Signiture ID of AcquaiGo to Acquia
  • Signiture ID of michaellouielimGo to michaellouielim
  • Signiture ID of Yohhan08Go to Yohhan08
  • Signiture ID of destroying24sevenGo to destroying24seven
  • Signiture ID of abando66Go to abando66
  • Signiture ID of MkAzDaW 1oGo to MkAzDaW 1o
  • Signiture of lady ayanahGo to lady ayanah
  • Signiture ID of DarkKnight00Go to DarkKnight00
  • Signiture ID of Mis ThomsonGo to Mis Thomson
  • Signiture ID of IRYANGo to IRYAN
  • Clan Banner

The Signiture was made by my dear friend Ultra Violete and his shop is at the Forum under Service Section named Fairview Ink hopefully you will have time and try and buy his master piece of work at your choices.

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