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Grinding can be difficult, here are some player made tips and tactics that you may be able to benefit from.

Grinding Basics

Grinding can be done in 3 ways.

  • Creating your own aggro, you can do this by entering an instance and shooting off loud weapons like machine guns, shotguns, and explosives. This is not as effective as boss aggro, spikes created by players normally only last 10 - 15 minutes but can be longer on occasion.
  • Entering an instance that contains a boss, killing off the boss, and then grinding the remaining boss aggro. This aggro lasts as long as the boss cycle, so roughly an hour.
  • Outpost Attacks. Often under appreciated, outpost attacks can be just as effective as boss aggro due to the bonus it grants when it ends. Not to mention the added benefit of being close to the outpost.

Creating Your Own Aggro

Starting a grinding session usually entails you making aggro in your “most comfortable” map (a map you may have memorized the terrain or a well-spaced map). Making aggro is usually done by getting an aggro generating weapon such as machine guns, shotguns and grenade launchers (pro-tip: Shotguns are usually cheaper aggro-generating weapons) while running around the map to generate your aggro.

Once enough aggro to your liking is generated, start killing them with your grinding weapons (i.e. explosives- cheapest by far and you’ll get the most “bang for your buck”, shotties and machine guns- if you’re rich or fortunately own an unlimited minigun). Player generated aggro usually lasts around 15-20 minutes depending on the weapons, boosts and skill of the player.

Using Boss Aggro

Another way to grind is entering a map where bosses have spawned in. Bosses generate their own aggro, making your work “easier”. Killing the boss(es) and grinding the aggro is the most common tactic though killing the boss(es) over and over with the aggro may reward you with far greater experience (I’d have to test this out later). Be wary though, boss aggro lasts for as long as the boss cycle is ongoing and may extend further depending on your luck.

If you wish to take care of the bosses really fast so that you can focus on the aggro, kill the bosses in multiplayer, go out of the area, go into solo player mode and back into the boss area. This should allow you to only fight the aggro without any bosses spawning until the end of the cycle. (in multiplayer, some bosses can be killed in a few minutes, giving you almost an hour of aggro to grind)

Outpost Attacks

Another way to grind is to participate in Outpost Attacks.

The aggro is generally infinite up to until the time the outpost attack ends (a 20 minute to 60 minutes endeavor depending on your luck/RNGesus). A nice bonus experience is rewarded at the end of each outpost attack. Experience bonus depends on the number of kills and your experience bonuses (i.e. character class, nourishment, gold membership, boosts and implants).

Use Implants And Other Boosts

If you want the best grinding results, purchase a 2 hour EXP boost for 10 credits (7 for GM) or 24 hour EXP boost for 40 credits (30 for GM), or EXP implants as it will increase your EXP income which will level you up faster.

You can also replace these with damage implants if you’d like to clear the screen faster, however, it’s important to note that you can kill off aggro spikes this way which could potentially slow exp gain if your weapons do too much DPS (Wraith Cannon / Boomer PX).

Note: Gold Membership will multiply your EXP gain per kill by 2, and can be stacked with an EXP boost to increase the experience gain further more.

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