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About Us

Since the beginning of civilization there have always been people missing a few too many brain cells, and become a parasite to society. Feeding on the pain and misery of innocent human prey. The mind of a psycho can be a fascinating yet horrifying thing. What we leave behind is our artwork,our masterpiece. What we do will be edge in the blood of our victims. You will try to run,try to hide, but to no avail you will be found and you will become our paint and Fairview is our canvas. For We Are Many And You Are Few.

"Homicidal Society"
Homicidal Society
Leadership: Al B Damned
Playing Style: PvE
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Activity Status: Inactive
Forum Thread: Homicidal Society
Recruitment: Apply by posting an Application form to the main thread. You must be level 75+ to join.
Main Language: English
Main Timezone: Global

“We serial killers are your sons, we are your husbands, we are everywhere. And there will be more of your children dead tomorrow” Ted Bundy (The Lady Killer)

“I like children they are tasty.” -  Albert Fish (Cannibal)

“She was giving me oral sex, and she got carried away . . . So I choked her.” - Arthur Shawcross (The Genesee Killer)

“The demons wanted my penis.” - David Berkowitz (Son of Sam / .44 killer)

“If the blue meanies are going to get me they’d better get off their asses and do something.” - The Zodiac Killer (Never Identified)

Deeds Of Flesh (Rules And Requirements)

MultiClanning - We do not allow multiclanning, this includes Guilds.

- With the exception of the application, Do NOT post on this thread unless you have permission to do so.

- Requirements 50+ Exceptions may be made.

- Follow ALL DF rules.

- Do not Beg, Flame, Troll, Scam, Harass or be disrespectful to ANY member of the DF community.

- Listen to, follow and respect all decisions made by The Zodiac and Authority.

- Do not abuse your position, doing so will result in anything from a punishment to a kick from the clan.

- Do not get involved in other clans/guilds issues and DO NOT Bring them to this clan.

- Do not Bump, Double post or Spam the thread.

- Racism, Sexism and discrimination will NOT be tolerated.

- Do not ask for Promotions, Work for them. This includes the HQ's. Information on how to get them are located on this main page.

- Treat all members equally despite their rank.

- Do not cause problems on the Thread. Any Issues you have with any post, PM the Zodiac or an authority member and we will deal with it accordingly

- Display a clan signature in your profile.

Rules are subject to change at any given time.

Contract In Blood (Application Form)

You must answer and complete the questions in this application fully or your application will be declined until you fulfill this requirement.

Please copy and paste this application and post it to the thread.

Current Level -

Playing style (Grinder, looter, PvPer) -

How Active are you on a scale of 1-10? (1 being lowest) -

Are you willing to post on the thread a minimal of 1 post per day? -

What do you expect from Homicidal Society? (nothing/advice/leveling etc) -

What can you do for Homicidal Society? -

Top or Bottom? (Mandatory question and must give a reason for your choice) -

What other clans have you been in (If any) And why did you leave? -

Would you use voice communications such as Raidcall or Skype to communicate easier with members? -

If you have any Hidden skeletons name them here (alt accounts) -

Have you read and agree to ALL Homicidal society's Rules? -

Give us a short Back story of your Serial Killer Profile (Role play to coincide with the clans theme) -


After you have been accepted, you will receive a pm on what is expected of you to remain in HS. You will need 3 votes before being accepted. Zodiac and Authority can over-rule any votes.

The Ranks


The leader and ultimate killer all look up to, even the Authority, since they are pretty much under your direct command. All Hail The Zodiac. It is He who teaches us all. There may only be one Zodiac and he shall reign until he is slain.


Other killers may feel on top of the world but only when they are unaware of The Authority… these consist of your masterminds and signature themed homicidal sociopaths you wish you could be. They know you exist and if they don’t like your work, you could become their next victim… These are the highest respected clan members and keep the clan afloat with events, activities, and organizing/managing.

Torture expert

Killing has become an art form… it’s no longer about the sheer numbers it’s about maximizing the pain in each kill… By now you have your favorite methods and relish in keeping a victim for as long as possible…

Genocidal Maniac

Killing 20 people or so is no longer enough… your thirst for blood has become massive and demands nothing short of sacrifices taken at your own hand in the thousand’s range. Your power is growing and your own kind are starting to fear you.


You gain a love for instrumental Violence, setting personal goals and meeting them quickly. You start obsessing on murder and plot gruesome, gory, terrific methods to meet your needs.

Serial Killer

You've learned to plan your crimes methodically, abducting your victims, killing them and disposing their corpses elsewhere. With a Post count of dead bodies laying behind you, you give yourself a well deserved cool down break. As a result you’ve gained admirers and a few copycats in your wake.

Copy Cat

You develop an acquired taste for blood spill and up your game. Still new to the art of killing, you replicate an event similar to one you've recently heard in the public media yet this time round, the kill count is far greater.


In the heat of the moment you’ve struck someone down… was it an accident or intentional? Whatever you did, we saw that smile of dark passion and we think you kind of liked it. You’ve made your mark and claimed your first kill as the initiation to the Homicidal Society and are here to stay… (for now, unless we decide to kill you). Now it’s time to branch out and explore the different ways to torture and kill in your own poetic style.

The Quiet One

It’s always the quiet ones… you’re alienated, estranged, and fucking angry. It’s time to show the world just how angry you are… You grab the kitchen knife laying there on the side and make your way into the city. The Quiet One rank is automatically given to new recruits, but up to them to get out of.


Members under Initiation will not be Ranked or placed onto the Roster until after their Week is complete.

Miscellaneous Ranks

Norsk Viking

This was a specialized Rank For Ankii.

HS Cum Junkie

This is a rank given to the newest members into the HQ


Al B Damned - The Zodiac

Bree- The Authority

Sir3co - Genocidal Maniac

Skillforce - Serial Killer

PredaFran - Serial Killer

RAYOTURK - Serial Killer

DocMcCoy - Serial Killer

Clanzzy - Serial Killer

LiveLaughLove- Serial Killer

Tell Me A Story- Serial Killer

M4- Serial Killer

DevilsLikeCheese - Copy Cat

ClassyLady- Copy Cat

JamieCraig - Copy Cat

leeminhwu- Copy Cat

Padmarashka - Copy Cat

Prove Me Wrong- Copy Cat

Symbolicous- Copy Cat

SaitensSoleTaker- Murderer

ImJustMe- Murderer

TicaaniXD- Murderer

FightGirl- Murderer

Nathancc- Murderer

JOFFANY- The quiet One

ian001- The quiet One

Maxin4000- The quiet One

Iamdarkness43- The quiet One

mrcrash216- The quiet One

zamirah ayanah- The quiet One

DarKAcE586- The quiet One

Elang Jawa- The quiet One

Marianna- The quiet One

Evil Dude 666- The quiet One



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