In case it is not evident, I'm a bit busy in real life at the moment. That being said I will work on this page in my free time. Thanks :)

The author of this guide is Alexander Pwn and as such is protected by him. In this guide we'll give you good tips and tactics on how to survive in Dead Frontier. These tips have been gathered by multiple players who are known for their surviving in the inner city. 

Do you want to be a top survivor?

You've reached a point of establishment, you've got some nice gear, you're rolling in the dough, you're rocking some nice Implants, but your scores are...sub-par at best. Now you're asking, how do I stay alive? How am I supposed to get those huge Top Survivor Scores that the higher up players have?

That's what we're going to show you, tips and tactics on living, the best places to grind, how to pace yourself, even things you can do in real life to keep you up and grinding. 

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Alexander Pwn's Profile on 6/15/2017

Establishing your account

Before we start grinding those beastly numbers, we need to become established. Don't get me wrong, you can certainly stay alive whilst looting and gathering your resources, but that takes time to build up your score. In this guide we're looking to get it a little quicker, focusing more on the grinding.
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At the time of starting this guide, I'm currently number fifty-six with two billion all time top survivor. Obviously, I'm not number one, but I've proven that I can stay alive and I want to help more people achieve the goal that I've set for myself. Hopefully with this guide i can do that and show you how to establish your account such as I have here.

Pwn Farmer

Level 28 Farmer

Now listen, you don't need unlimited ammunition, drugs, millions of dollars, or a beautiful Sledge Hammer to have an 'Established' Account.

We're going to use my alternate account for an example. This account has decent weaponry, an Amputator, Titanium Blades, and a Rebellion. The Rebellion works well for exploding infected, bosses, and sirens. The Amputator and Titanium Blades are what I use for the grinding. He has a good flow of cash, self sustaining for medical supplies and food. The account also has stats that make sense for the build that it is following.

A lot of people will argue that grinding with Mele weapons is impossible, but that's so far from the truth. You can still easily circle-grind a mob with Titanium Blades, if an exploding zombie comes around, simply back up and shoot it with your choice of weaponry. It's a cheap and still effective way to grind, don't get me wrong, you're not pushing millions of experience an hour, but for starting accounts, it's good.

What do you need to be 'Established'?

  1. Weaponry that is efficient and/or capable of grinding and/or crowd control
  2. Funds to be self-sustaining in medical supplies and food reserves. 
  3. An understanding of how to grind mobs, bosses, and missions effectively. 
  4. Armors that will supply efficient protection to your character, thus lowering the chances of death. 
  5. You may want to look into a clan that will provide clan boosts or other valuable help. Though this is not needed.
  6. Drugs are other individual boosts that could greatly aid you in your grind for All Time Top Survivor. 
  7. You may also want to ensure that you have extra meds/foods in your inventory when going out for a long grinding session.

Motivation to Keep Grinding

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Now that you have an understanding of how to establish your account and/or use what you have effectively, we need the motivation to keep grinding. This is a case by case tool, unfortunately one thing won't work for everyone. A lot of people keep grinding because they like chasing scores, take this week's Top Survival Scores for instance. (June, 2017)

A lot of players will keep on grinding because they want to be number one, or two, or three, or in the top five/ten. This keeps the motivation on for several, but sometimes people aren't interested in these temporary goals. That's when things like the 'All Time' records come in, such as All Time Top Strongest and All Time Top Survivor. These are prestigious records which hold some of the best players in the game on them. Everyone wants to be the best, right? Unfortunately even this isn't enough sometimes. Some players simply enjoy the leveling, or the grind itself. Some want to provide the scores or help to their Clan. Whatever your reason, you've got to get out there and give it your all!

What are the Best Weapons for Survival?

The best weapons are subjective to the player's playing style. Whether you like the push-back of shotguns, fast firing and/or killing speed of Mini-guns, or the harsh scope of a rifle, I'll find something here for ya.

Where are the best Areas and/or What are the best Times to Grind?

What are the benefits of joining a Clan?

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