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The following disclaimer has been set down by Shadow-Mage, Wiki Administrator. Since the July 2014 update announced that a 5th Outpost will, in fact, be added to the game soon, this page is now where ideas and suggestions for how the Outpost should look, its backstory, etc. will be posted. Post ideas and suggestions (and reasons for why to implement them) in the Talk/comments section, and we'll discuss them and decide whether or not to implement them in the suggestion article.

From Wiki Admin Shadow-Mage: Consider this a forewarning before you go any further on this page: To prevent a repeat of the miniature flame war that originally erupted over this idea, I will be personally monitoring this whole page. If I see ANY kind of arguing in the talk section or between people making edits to this page, I don't care who started it or who is at fault-- I will personally single out all individuals who were involved in the dispute and banhammer their asses back to the Stone Age.

Wikia intro

The powerful lights pierced the dark torrent during that stormy night. Nearing the safe haven towering before me, a small group of infected rushed from my right, however these were quickly mowed down by a GAU-19, mounted at the top of the entrance walls. Upon a closer look, a man stood behind the overpowerring weapon, eyeing me as I safely made my way into the entrance of the fortress towering before me. Inside the main entrance, I noticed the lack of chaos inside, boxes of ammunitions and supplies were neatly stacked in the corners, and the thick tall walls made me feel better. Advancing towards the center, I looked up this towering fortress, behind the fenced windows, I could spot some snipers. Looking back down, at the center of this space, a gate to the interior of the Outpost was now visible with florencent green arrows on the floor. As I entered the gate, it lead me into a long corridor which was being monitored by two cameras (one at each end), and as I reached the other end I came into contact with a small revolving door. Once past the revolving door, I noticed a big screen, there I could see what was being monitored by the cameras in the corridor I just came from, and to my surprise, the immediate surroundings of this Outposts. I saw people gathered close to the screen, looking at the screen while holding their rifles and guns. Resting in this Outpost, I was for the moment safe, however I was also at the front lines against the infected. Outside, the unison moans of the infected had been thunderous, yet inside that maddening sound was unheard. While this was a momentary peace, I gathered myself, preparing to go out into the front lines... again.

Area and Map

AdminPwn has announced that the Inner City will be greatly expanded in the coming update, and that the 5th Outpost will be placed in this expanded area.


BLOCKS: One of the surrounding blocks should always have a Boss.

MISSIONS: The missions should be extremely difficult yet provide a deserving reward.

  • EXAMPLE 1: Kill 3 Black Titans; and be rewarded Cash: $20,000 (GM $40,000), EXP: 400,000 (GM 800,000).
  • EXAMPLE 2: Kill and push back wave of infected in the same block, or close by, of the Outpost; and be rewarded Cash: $15,000 (GM $30,000), EXP: 150,000 (GM 300,000).
  • EXAMPLE 3: Find/secure key materials for mass production inside the Outpost, such as old electronics (or parts), cement bags, etc..

Note: An element in these missions should be their focus for team work among players.

LOOTS: The loot around the outpost should be like looting the South End Zone or North End Zone. However, there would be no Looting Spots in the same block of the Outpost. Furthermore, to access any Looting Spot in the White Zone, a player has to travel further into the White Zone to start seeing more Looting spots. At first (in the Outpost Block) there will be no Looting Spots, then as the player goes deeper there will be some few Looting Spots, and eventually after going far enough, the player should find a "normal" amount of these Looting Spots.

INFECTED: It should be noted that even near the Outpost, the density of the infected will be high. Also, because the future End Zone can become a good place to put new infected, some of the infected present in the current Endzone should not be present in the new one.

BOSSES: In new End Zone, the possible Bosses encountered should be: Flaming Wraith, Flaming Giant Spider, and Black Titan.

Concept Art

[go down... page is under construction]

Inside of the Outpost:

The outpost would be built around an old four-building apartment complex, with two intersecting streets separating the buildings (think of a four-paned square window, where each pane represents one of the buildings). The entrance to the southernmost street would be fenced off, with an old bulldozer and several large stacks of wooden crates positioned in front of the fence. Behind these would be a supply truck and a forklift, along with more crates stacked on the supply truck's flatbed. The entrance to the northernmost street would be barricaded with a huge wall of damaged cars, centerpieced by a bus with the main doors ripped out and a doorway-sized hole smashed in the opposite end of the bus. The bus would basically be like an armored corridor overlooking the wall of cars, and survivors could POSSIBLY be able to use this corridor to snipe at zombies out on the street (although irradiated zombies and brutes could probably still hit them with vomit attacks).

The outpost would have two accessible entrances on the west and east ends, respectively. The west entrance would be guarded by two AI guards (labelled each as "Sentry"), wielding either M60s or FM MAGs from behind the cover of crates placed behind the fencing on either side of the entrance. The east entrance would have only one guard, wielding the same type of weapon as the other guards. A short distance behind the guard's post would be a large tank (similar to the one behind Fort Pastor's Gates) facing away from the east gate (with the turret aimed through the west entrance). This area would be a "kill zone" where, during an OA, survivors could form an open ring in front of the tank and concentrate their gunfire on any zombies that came through.

The actual entrance to the outpost (i.e. the inner city green exit arrows) would be located in the intersection of the outpost's two streets, just above the crates and vehicles in the fenced-off south entryway.

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