Warning! This page contains a ton of text!! read at your own minds peril however you will not be disappointed, please also note some of the stories are gruesome, not for the faint hearted.

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Playing Style: PvE
Alignment: Neutral
Activity Status: Active
Forum Thread: [Knights of Purgation ]
Recruitment: Find us in Fairview
Main Language: Enlgish
Main Timezone: N/A

What we are about

By now everyone knows about Secronom, about their experiments in gene therapy and virus enhancement. Everyone knows what a catastrophic failure it was, you just have to look outside and see the hordes of shambling abominations that have devoured our world. But what if it wasn't a complete failure, what of the one hundred souls who were experimented upon altered in ways the human mind could barely comprehend. What if a few had not turned into the undead that fill our days and nights with torment and terror. There have been steadily increasing reports from all over the city of Fairview, individuals combating the undead wherever they are found, men with unseen strength and capability.  Who are these people, where did they come from and what do they seek?

The Knights of Purgation are an RPG based clan that initially was created over 1 year ago. Our intentions is to expand the universe of Dead frontier bringing new stories, theories, conspiracies within the world of Fairview while building a massive community of dedicated zombie fans. Keep an eye our for new stories and reports as more players find and join the Knights of Purgation. All Stories, Reports, Journals etc are created by me Dazzekiel, written by my own hand. I hope to ever increase the suspense of the storyline within Fairview adding more amazing theories, conspiracies and epic twists that do not contradict the overall storyline. Everything I add is based on a small novel I made called Black Dawn, Red Dusk. Please let me know what you think and keep checking in for more!! I have included Several segments of Black Dawn in the clan page. Proof reading and criticism is welcome.

The Strangers

Notes and voice dairies have told stories of several occasions where they had embraced these enhanced warriors during fierce combat with the infected. One voice dairy was found by a man named Dogg and his closest guard, it explained how a citizen witnessed these beings from the roof of a building using the scope of his M21 Sniper. The voice spoke quickly and in a harsh whisper.


“Weeks I have been stuck in this god forsaken forge of hell and I have never seen anything like this! these things, these people stand at least seven feet tall, i can just hear them... they're very well spoken, their accent sounds familiar… it sounds Europ... Ahhh the British... I can just about see them, three of… nope, four of them! they seem to be wearing dense grey & black armour… all with trench coats... the armoured lads have an eye patch over there left eye and.. what's this?... a symbol on their shoulders, it looks like… a cyan biohazard sign? yeah.. but it's upside down with a winged sword... Jesus! thats something to do with Secronom im sure! Shi.. They’re moving towards the building, I think they saw me!”. The voice dairy falls silent for a few moments until it very faintly picks up the voices of the strangers passing nearby. “Daz…iel I am pi..kin. up hea..y Mo..em..nt from th.. east”, “”, “ W..rk ou.. a ro..te to th.. h..ld” “Ne..ris wi..h me, we ke..p the for..ula s..fe”, “wit.. it hol..s the ke.. to su..viv..l! It n..t fa..l In..o the wr..n.. ha..ds! we t.. f..nd Dr..." A huge explosion followed by high screechs explode into ear shot as debree and rubble fly into the air. “Brothers! The infected draw near! Ready yourselves! We are the purge!!” 

A deafening screech is heard in reaction to Dazzekiel's earthshaking battle cry followed by a storm of shouts as the strangers make their way east to meet the infected, it was the last sight of the strangers. Many say they strive to unite, lead & save humanity, some say to scale the entire city of Fairview in search for something or someone about a new virus Nerotonin-3X2. survivors believe this virus has something to do with the massive enhancements and traits these warriors have, a successfully engineered virus which in theory would be the key to humanities survival. 

Inner Circle

Name Level Weapon Proficiencies Last Seen History


95 Dual Blade, Goretooth 44G, AA-12 Secronom Bunker Classified


88 Dual Blade, Goretooth 44G, Ironsight 33-F Secronom Bunker Classified

Lord Voldos

67 Dual Blade, Goretooth 44G , Ironsight 33-F Secronom Bunker Classified


N/A N/A N/A Classified

They call me big Joe; I am one of the few remaining survivors left in Fairview. I do what any other person does at this time, go around the harsh city get what supplies I can and stay alive. The amount of times I would see someone mauled by those things, and every time I couldn't do anything. The faces and yells of those people haunt my dreams and the only thing I could do to keep them out of my mind was to drink. I would drink myself to sleep and wake up and start my day with booze. But one time as I found a crisp bottle of whiskey I heard a yell; it was a group of three people two lads and one female. Maybe it was the booze that gave me this confidence but, as the tendril was about to strike one of the young lads holding his ground, I hit it with my axe and it fell to the ground. I looked back to the bottle of whiskey and looked away, I took the people to the Fort and that night I went to sleep with no booze but a strange thing happened that night. I seen no faces, heard no yelling, just darkness. As I awoke the next day I realised something. I didn’t need the booze anymore I just needed to step up. The next day went in a blur, I went out for my looting and dismissed any booze that I found, I got what I needed and saved who I could, I was making a name for myself in the Fort. The next time I went out I saw a man running as I waved at him to come to me but he just ran past with great haste, I was confused. As I turned back I saw the biggest thing I’ve ever seen run at my general direction chasing the stranger, I heard the man yell "Run you idiot it’s a black titan!!". I jumped out of the way in time to escape its fierce, brutal charge but while doing so twisted my right ankle. I limped into a building and tried to bandage it and put in some morphine to stabilize the pain. Time was of the essence, the infected began to ram the doors and soon they would get through. As I stood up the infected broke threw but at that exact moment I saw an object followed by a loud explosion, a grenade lit up the door way as undead remains redecorated the hallway. I looked up and saw about five men in decent looking armour with big guns, they each had a strange insignia on their armour something I had never seen before, a biohazard sign with a winged sword. Four of the men engaged the returning beast trying their best to save the stranger desperately trying to evade it strikes, no luck as the titan grabs the stranger by his torso, the man screaming in terror “Help me!!! HELP ME PLEEAAAH!…”. The titan bit his head clean off, chewed it as if it was a piece of bubble gum and cast the lifeless body aside. The 5 men rushed in and helped me up. One of the men handed me a strange looking shotgun and pointed towards the beast, the beast charged into the building shredding the door and hallway with ease, we all held a line and opened fire, a barrage of bullets and buckshot laid into the beast but it continued to close the gap. We retreated through the back entrance and Luck was on our side as the beast storms through the main support of the building. The building falls and crushes the bottom half of the titan, a huge roar follows as it desperately flails its arms towards us. I looked towards one of the men, he nodded, and all of us began the final barrage of fire laying waste to its head, the titan was finally dead.

The men helped me back to a strange location underground, it was heavily reinforced and heavily guarded by yet more men and women with these strange symbols on their armour, they helped me treat the ankle by giving me a dose of Nerotonin-2, it worked a treat! taking away all the pain and helping the recovery 10 fold. I went to give the shotgun back but the strangers looked at me as if I had offended. “That gun is yours, you will keep it as if it was another one of your limbs do you understand?” I quickly responded "yes of course! You saved my ass back there I owe you my life!".  The gaze he had upon me was like he had lost everything he ever loved, a man with heartache and unbelievable anger, completely soulless. “Good but I want you to join us. Will you help us restore what we have lost? To unite all survivors and destroy the infected so humanity can flourish once more.” I stood up, looked at him and nodded. “But who are you? And what is this place?” I asked “I don’t even know your name.” All the men began to attend other duties apart from the soulless man. “My name is Victor and we are the Knights of Purgation’s Outer Circle, we seek to find the true knights, we believe them to be 2-4 in number, we believe they carry knowledge, knowledge that could save humanity and they are here in Fairview. You currently stand in one of the most fortified places in Fairview my friend so make yourself comfortable until you heal, when you have recovered I will have work for you.” I have never been so confused in my life. “So with an Outer Circle there must be an Inner Circle right?” I asked. Victor replied with a slight hint of disapointment. “we know very little of them but they do exist, week pass by and more sightings and reports have been made. These true knights are not like you and me my friend, there is something much more behind who and what they are, according to several voice diaries they have survived the impossible”. "We need to find these people, especially if these reports are true.” Victor walked off nodding to a woman, knowing her duties she began checking my ankle. Since that day I have never gone out searching and looting alone for myself, we go out in organised teams, we loot for the people, we save who we can and never leave a man behind. I don't live for my own survival I live for humanities survival, My family, The Knights of Purgation.

Witnesses Reports

"My name is George Heffran the IV and this... [Sighs] this is my story..." Since the N4 outbreak things have been crazy. I mean it's hard not to notice morbid disfigured corpses shredding and eating the living. I had a great life before then. Married to my beautiful wife Michelina, we had and 18 year old son Lucian, he was such a good boy, captain of his football team, full scholarship to Syracuse College, and graduated top ten of his class, he made me so proud to be his father. Me, well I worked for a corporation by the name of Secronom. It is Secronom that was be my downfall, but we'll talk about that later on. I'm an ex-military officer, a part of the U.S. Marines and I shall never forget my training. At Secronom I was their spokesman in the U.S. I handled their foreign affairs in this region of the world. One day I get a call from my superiors asking me to come out to France to discuss important matters, mainly about what they were uncertain of, all I know is that it was urgent I fly out by myself. So I said farewell to my family and friends and left to Southern France outside of Grenoble. Upon my arrival at the Secronom building, I am greeted by an angry rioting mob.... My curiosity being peaked, As the guard check my identification I ask the two Secronom officers what was going on. One of them, I later find out to be named Jonathan, tells me "I'm sorry sir I cannot tell you at this time but what i can tell you is the press has released information that Secronom has been testing the Nerotonin virus on humans." I not being aware of this was scared out of my mind... I started thinking, holy shit if this is true I'm going to jail or worse, I'm never going see my family and friends again... how right I was but not in the way I was thinking. Gun shots were fired into the air by the Secronom guards at the gate entrance. People began to run around frantically, I’ll never forget the cries of fear and terror. As we entered the building we walked past the reception completely empty, Jonathon opened a secured door and we began to walk down a glistening white hall of the facility.

We eventually come to a very large area with many doors all numbered up to 109, steel cells sealed shut with no windows. Something didn't seem right, taps and bangs were heard from all of the doors we had past except from the last two Cells 108 and 109. We continued onwards till we got to a rather interesting looking laboratory in which 2 men were tied down upon a table with many tubes, and wires hooked up to them. They were unconscious totally unaware what was going on around them “what the hell is going on here!” I asked the hurrying scientists. I was completely ignored. “We need to get this done quickly!” “Jonathan! Get yourself and everyone out the back of the facility now!” Jonathon and his colleague immediately grabbed my arms and hurried me out of the room. As I was leaving I heard another scientist say “Beginning the Nerotonin-3X2 transfusion Dr. Adler”. “Good! When the process is 90% we must leave immed…” The Labs doors slam shut. “Common!” Jonathan shouts frantically. “What is going on here for god’s sake? What were they doing to those people in there!?” I shouted. Suddenly a huge explosion is heard followed by gun fire “Holy Shit! This way!” ordered Jonathan leading onwards with his colleague weapons drawn. Screams, gun fire and what sounded to be heavy growls were heard as we ran into the warehouse part of the building, creates with upside down biohazard signs everywhere. The screams seemed to me even louder than the one's coming from the rioters. Maybe that's because the yell was only around the corner from me. Jonathan kicks the fire exit door open to run outside meeting with more men surrounding a series of armoured vehicles. As we run hastily to the vehicle I turn to see a men and women screaming for their lives as they are being attacked by these human like monstrosities, tearing into each other’s flesh, biting through limbs to then turn to the next person running frantically away to evade the madness that pursued them. It was gruesome and the creatures themselves, so disfigured and vile. I look past them to see more and more of them, in the same state as the others. “So this is what the press were talking about!!” “You god damn fools, what have you done!” I shouted gasping for air as I ran with increasing speed to the vehicle. It was a total massacre. It was people... eating people. Jonathan grabbed "we're getting out of here mate! I’ll explain everything on the way!” As we drove we saw more horrific, disturbing sights. Men, Women, Even the children. I was in the depth of hell itself, a total nightmare; thankfully my family were safe thousands of miles away from here.

Witness Name Location Area of Sighting Journals, Diaries & Photos
George Heffran IV Fort Pastor Midlands Journal Pages 1-2

Lab Evidence
Journal Pages 3-4

Sean Kennedy (FP Solider) Fort Pastor East Diary Page 1
Joshua "Spare Boot" Daniels Fort Pastor East Journal Pages 1-2

Journal Pages 2-3


For those interested in achievement systems, we made this off the tops of our heads just to spice things up a bit. Copy this into your wiki profile and update as you see fit, some achievements will need screenshot proof.

[_] Joined the Purge!
[_] Joined our Raidcall
[_] Warrior (Level 21-40)
[_] Crusader (Level 41-60)
[_] Knight (Level 61 - 100)
[_] Khan (Level 101-150)
[_] Rex (Level 151-200)
[_] Imperator (Level 200+)
[_] Obtained Master weapon of its class
[_] Obtained Heavy Armour (Exterminator Reactive XT+)
[_] Obtained max Strength
[_] Obtained max Endurance
[_] Obtained max Critical
[_] Obtained max Reloading
[_] Obtained max Agility
[_] Obtained max Accuracy
[_] Kill Black Titan (Screenshots or Video needed)
[_] Kill Burning Wraith (Screenshots or Video needed)
[_] Obtain $1,000,000 in bank
[_] Obtain $10,000,000 in bank
[_] Obtain $50,000,000 in bank
[_] Master 1 weapon Proficiency
[_] Master 2 weapon Proficiencies
[_] Obtain 100,000 Bonus exp in an Outpost Attack
[_] Obtain 200,000 Bonus exp in an Outpost Attack

Teamspeak Communications

We have our own TeamSpeak3 server and you can find us here. ----->

This TeamSpeak was built dedicated to Command and Conquer: Tiberium Alliances, but more games are becoming available.

This TeamSpeak group is available to everyone in any clan, we believe we can create a more powerful, fulfilling community by uniting clans/guilds under one roof to communicate, organise events, loot and grind. Of course you will not be asked to serve under the name, far from it. We want you to stick to your own clans, your own hearts and souls. We just ask that you join us in conversation, to make it easier for all players to find someone or a group of people that can assist you within the city of Fairview.

The more we unite! The more we will survive!