"Loners Faction"
Loners Faction
Leadership: Herman George, Farmer Herman
Playing Style: PvE, Self-Defensive PvP
Alignment: Neutral Good
Activity Status: Semi-Active
Forum Thread: Loners Faction
Website: Non-Existant
Recruitment: Mostly Application
Main Language: English
Main Timezone: Eastern Standard Time

Back Story

Survivors of many types exist in Fairview City, many of these skilled warriors, scavengers, merchants, service providers, and beast hunters make up the vast majority of survivors that struggle everyday to survive in this Hell. Many survivors joined the ranks of many newly-founded clans, factions, guilds, in order to find purpose in the "new world" as some would call it. Many of those clans took a militaristic approach. Fighting together to destroy the N4 Infection to the last one, or fighting rival clans for control and glory. Some took on a different approach, becoming merchant guilds, or guilds of individuals that were like-minded.

Nonetheless, many were formed, and many disappeared as time continued. A survivor known to many as Herman George, was not contempt with many of the clans that existed, unsastified by their requirements, their agendas, and quotas, Herman decided to try to unite all those who wanted to be part of something big, without having to go through training, or keep up in competitive matches with the other clans of Fairview.

In late 2014, Herman George began to broadcast all over the local outpost to those who he called the "Loners" of Fairview, welcoming those who were respectful and competant to join the faction. Many scoffed at the founding of such a highly unusual faction, whose only goal was to be a place for many clanless survivors to call home. Despite some negative reception from the local big names of the city, quite a few survivors joined the faction and liked the appeal of a clan that wasn't striving for goals such as the long, painful goal of legendary X-Dusk equipment, and many enjoyed the appeal of a laid back, welcoming group.

The faction was a relatively peaceful setting, often visited by guests of other clans to talk, and to have a good time. Unfortunately, not all loners were good, like-minded people. As "bad loners," commonly called bandits started making appearances around loner-controlled locations. While not many dared, those who did were marked by the Faction Master as threats and annoyances to the faction, and their crimes against the faction were listed for all to see.

During mid 2015, the Faction Master, Herman George, disappeared, along with many faction members aswell. The few remaining loners that kept the loners faction alived awaited their Faction Master's return, unsure if they would ever see him again. In Mid 2016, Herman George returned back to Fairview, and rejoined his remaining brothers in the faction. Despite many of them leaving for a new home, and many others disappearing, a loner by the name of "Bonk" Kept the faction alive. Now, Herman must rebuild the faction, and restore it to its original glory.

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