This is the official clan page for

Leadership: 2 Samarai
Playing Style: PvE
Alignment: Neutral Good
Activity Status: Active
Forum Thread:
Website: Coming Soon!
Recruitment: Openly Recruiting
Main Language: English
Main Timezone: GMT+0100

Background Story:

We were originally from England but when a pilot said he could get us to America we said yes, when we arrived we set up a quick base at the Secronom Bunker and now we go looting and take on bosses, what a great day and age we really live in...What we

What do we do?

we are a clan predominately looting and taking on bosses, we do travel around quite a bit so we are looking for someone who will always remain with a small group at all time, for example one leader and four others in the south black zone looting and killing bosses.


  • Level 30+
  • We use Melee, Pistols and Rifles however we need people to use Defense weapons Such as machine Guns and Shotguns to take on bosses and cover us while we loot.
  • No Gold Membership Required
  • Need to be able to effectively work as a team


  1. There are three rules in total four if you count this one.
  2. No. 1 Don't be disrespectful or unkind to another clan member or teammate
  3. No. 2 Be active, talk with the clan if you cant play for a while
  4. No. 3 Don't Steal from the clan

If the rules are broken you will be kicked from the clan and will have to reapply, where we will decide if you can come back or not.


Leader: 2 Samari


Team Leaders:

Team Members:

Newbies(after you have been in clan for seven days you will be promoted to Team Member.):

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