This build is classified as a low-strength build, meaning that most of your stat points will be used on other stats instead of strength. Low-strength builds are very popular among lower levels because they offer very cheap ways of looting and grinding. Low-strength builds are very efficient for looting because you don't have to use any ammo at all until aggro happens, even then the SMG normally has enough stopping power to stop aggro without creating more.


  • Most efficient looting build
  • Only ammo that's needed is for your SMG
  • Melee is generally cheaper than other weapons
  • No wasted stats (crit for melee is useful for SMGs etc)


  • Requires massive amount of stats
  • Very bad PvP build
  • Armors break very fast
  • Requires almost every stat but strength
  • Low-strength builds are useless at higher levels as you have enough stats to wield stronger armors and weapons

Levels 1-10

When first starting out, your main source of income will mainly be looting so it's best to start off with your melee weapon. The need for a crowd control weapon (SMG's in this case) is very low so. You will rarely see hordes of zombies unless in an Outpost Attack or a specific mission zone.


Levels 1-5: In the early stages of the game, your character moves incredibly slow. Almost every build will have you start off with putting points into agility to help with dodging enemy attacks, especially the quicker ones such as dogs. Here you will put your first 25 stat points into Agility putting it at a total of 50.

Levels 6-10: While most people would continue putting stats into Agility as it's commonly called the most important stat, it is suggested to invest some points into Critical Hit so that your melee will be effective early on in this build. Here you will put your next 25 stat points into Critical Hit putting it at a total of 50. Although you will only have 50 agility at this point, most infected at the starting outpost will not be able to keep up with you with 50 agility.


Levels 1-10: From the first level onwards to level 10, you should primarily focus on melee proficiency until at least level 10 so that you have a reliable looting weapon. At level 10 without any additional stats from other classes, you will have 50 melee skill which is enough to wield a Shovel.

Suggested weapon progression: Chef knife > Fire Axe (15 melee skill required) > Nail Bat (25 melee skill required) >Razor (30 melee skill required) > Scalpel (40 melee skill required) > Shovel (50 melee skill required)

At level 10 it's recommended to travel to Dogg's Stockade.

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