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A few years after what has become known as the ''secronom incident'', some survivors managed to build relatively safe settlements so they could keep living a somewhat normal life. Many of you might have heard of precinct 13 or fort pastor, for example.

Despite that, some other survivors got lost during expeditions, some of them valued travelling over taking shelter, because they believed outposts attracted even more zombies - and some of them left the established outposts fearing they would eventually get overrun. Most of these ''remnants'' usually became what we know as ''mercenaries'', or self-made survivors, if you prefer.

Rumour has it that there's a safe settlement out in Fairview that was built by these guys - it's not clear who started it or how it really began, but mercenaries can sometimes be seen travelling from one outpost to another, leading people to believe there actually is a mercenary group out in the city.


  • Special Forces
  • Outpost Guardians
  • Karmic Justice
  • The Vikings
  • Elite Divinity
  • The Collective
  • The Dark Coalition


The hierarchy of the mercenaries works as follows :

  • Leader
  • Captain
  • Mercenary
  • Ranger
  • Recruit
  • Survivor


There are several ranks one can go through by being a mercenary. Here is an in-depth explanation as to what they are and how they can be achieved.


The militia is the ''brute'' force of the mercenaries. They are well trained, hardened survivors - Most of them spend their days protecting the outpost, while others go out on adventures and bring back supplies for the group. More importantly, when another group is in need of some help, it's usually these guys that are dispatched in other to take care of the issue.

The militia ranking system works as follows :

One star is given to new recruits who are still training to become proper mercenaries.

Two stars are given to acknowledged mercenaries, who are ready for action but still unrecognized for their talents.

Three stars are given to mercenaries whose actions have been recognized and who started establishing some notoriety.

Four stars are given to notorious mercenaries, who are well known throughout the wastes for their actions.

Five stars are given to elite mercenaries that possess capabilities in numerous fields, such as stealth, leading capacities and extensive training.


The mercenaries also need to work in order to maintain their outpost and keep themselves busy from time to time. That is the reason why it's possible to see all types of people sharing the same outpost. For this reason, they are given the same treatment as the militia when it comes to the ranking system. Everyone is important to the group. There is actually only one difference - instead of being rewarded with normal stars, the ''jobbers'' can choose which color they want their stars to be.

Here are a few professions practiced by the mercenaries :

- Guard

- Warrior / Grunt

- Messenger

- Courier

- Commando

- Engineer

- Medic

- Designer

- Tactician

- Scavenger

- Recruiter / Drill instructor

- Trader / Merchant

- Janitor

- Radio operator


The higher ranked members of the mercenaries are known as the officials. In order to distinguish themselves from the rest of the group, they have black stars rather than normal / colored stars. Apparently, the ranking system for the officials differs from the militia / workers, so it's hard to tell what one must achieve in order to get these black stars.

Perhaps the only way to know is to stay in the group for a certain amount of time.


[ ] Recruit

[ ☆☆ ] Recruit +

[ ☆☆☆ ] Henchman

[ ☆☆☆☆ ] Mercenary

[ ☆☆☆☆☆ ] Mercenary +



Some requirements need to be met in order to become a mercenary.

Here are a few of them :

  1. The applicant should respect the general rules, as well as those of the group.
  2. The applicant should have some experience with the daily life of Fairview.
  3. The applicant should have a decent nickname.
  4. The applicant should be open-minded, and patient.
  5. The applicant, if accepted, should wear the mercenary tags given to him.
  6. The applicant should respect the group's alliances.
  7. The applicant should show signs of activity by contacting the group every now and then.


- Ghost

- Rhijen

- Jet

- X

- Reaper

- Zack

- Frost

- Necro


Mercenary engineers have managed to establish a working radio system in order to keep contact with the different outposts of Fairview. It's also used to contact troops while they are out in the field or whenever the officials have an announcement to make. Moreover, the radio system has a few hosts who play a variety of records found throughout the wastes to keep things lively.

Though it's unclear by what means they are able to keep their radio system running, some survivors claim that they've heard the radio frequency used by the mercenaries. Most speculate that they operate via CB radio, though this rumor has yet to be confirmed. The electricity has been cut off in most areas of Fairview for years on end, so it's most likely that they use an electricity system similar to the one located at the secronom bunker.


This is the official map system used by the mercenaries for their travels

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