"Peoples Organization & Tacos"
Peoples Organization & Tacos
Leadership: Alonso77, D1r733H1pp13, Ethanhunter007 & Random100
Playing Style: Super Laid back
Alignment: Neutral
Activity Status: Active
Forum Thread: Peoples Organization & Tacos
Recruitment: Stoners
Main Language: English
Main Timezone: Worldwide

"Perhaps the most straightforward, laid back guild, you will ever find",

TLDR Version: Super Laid back but mature and strong Neutral Guild. P.O.T. Guild mission is to have a good time while respecting the rights of others.

Guild Recruitment Requirements:

We don't recruit by level, but experience, post count, and community reputation does play a role in the admissions process. Post your application in this format to the thread. Your status as a potential member will be determined within a reasonable amount of time and you will be notified via the P.O.T. Guild thread. The more info you include, the more likely you are to be accepted.

• Name:

• Affiliations with Other Clans:

• Age (Not required):

• Gender (Not required):

Reason you want to join:

• How long have you been playing:

• How active are you on a scale of 1-10:

• Anything else about yourself you want to share? Wink :

Guild Rules

• Treat everyone fairly. There is no hate here and disrespect will not be tolerated.

• Be as active in the P.O.T. Guild as you can. The Guild understands that life takes precedence, but bear in mind; to remain on active roster you must post to the thread once every 4 days at minimum. Four days is a long time and really how long does it take to come in and say hi to your favorite stoners. If you will be MIA for an extended period of time let a Doobie King or Queen know so that your absense does not count against your roster status.

• Respect each other.

• Follow the DeadFrontier Terms of Service. The TOS is the law of the land and we are all bound by it. Don't go around getting yourself or the Guild in trouble.

• Muticlanning IS allowed and in some instances encouraged due to the neutral and laid back (read: slow pace) methods of the roster members.

• Don't start anything with another Clan or Guild. If your mouth writes checks your ass can't cash the Guild will not back you up. We are neutral and wage no wars. PERIOD.

• Try to have fun. We are all here to have a good time, get baked, and eat some Tacos.


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