|alt="Phoenix's Little Ass Kickers"
Phoenix's Little Ass Kickers]]
Phoenix's Little Ass Kickers
Leadership: Phoenix (Username: Eviltonicwater)
Playing Style: PvE, CvV
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Activity Status: Active
Forum Thread: Phoenix's Little Ass Kickers
Website: None yet
Recruitment: Openly recruting
Main Language: English
Main Timezone: UTC-7 (Moutain Standard)


There was once a man who had defended and saved Dog’s Stockade from an attack from infected found deep within the city. He had done this single handedly with this Titanium Blades and was given the local name in the city “The Ass Kicker.” However one day he had left his family and friends behind in Dogs Stockade When he got a transmission from Fort Pastor. It was only going to be a week till he would return. He is 3 years gone and Phoenix (His son) is unconvinced his father is dead. This clan was put together by Phoenix to uphold what is good for humanity while searching for his father, to defend humanity and fight for it but not to control it. Humanity is to be given its own course uncontrolled by one person or group. We only fight for humans to live and survive past this epidemic like all other plagues in this world in history.  We are the ass kickers and although our methods can be known as extreme, we do it for the greater good of all.


Clan overlook: You have to be at least level 30 in order to make it into the clan. We work together want we trade together. We will have A Doctor, a Cook, a Repairman and such. Feel free to communicate with Head Members of the Clan for assistance, Trade, etc. However you will have to make it up to New Blood Status in order to have rights to the Trade. Clan Leader: Phoenix General's: cokenfolk, Adam Scott, Copper Julten. We will give ranks to those who join based on what you do to show us out in the field. We have a system for initiates. Procedure For Ranking: We will go out into the Inner City and we will Boss Hunt until Someone Dies, If you out live One of the Generals/ Keepers, then you have rite of passage into the Clan. However another alternative is if you help take Down; A Flaming Titian, Flaming Giant Spider, or Flaming Mother, we will accept you into the open arms of the clan. Promotion Procedure: If the Generals or Leader think you ready for a promotion, then you will be put through a series of tests such include; fist fighting with no armor, running high end missions with Generals or Leader and succeeding, or even high end boss hunting and surviving. Initiates: On their way into the clan and are being monitored by Keepers/Generals. New Bloods: Made it into the clan and may now have rights to all rights of the clan. Scouts: You have left the easy life of the Clan and have entered the life of Contributing to the clan. You are in charge of going out and looting items of at least level 30 Healing and Nutrition of which we trade amongst the clan for free if one is urgently in need of food or healing. Strikers: In charge of going out and bringing honor to the clan to fight big bosses that will usually destroy low level characters. Brawlers: In charge of CvC wars and making sure we get up and stay up the clan ladder. Generals: Will coordinate  mission meetings, and take initiates out for field testing. These are the achievable  rankings of the Clan, of course with More members we will have services we can offer to eachother for free in some cases. We can try to help with in game financial problems if needed. To apply to the clan, post a quick application with your name, profession, and level that way i would be able to comunicate with you.

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