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"Scarlet Sentinels"
Scarlet Sentinels
Leadership: Politburo Leaders
Playing Style: PvE
Alignment: Neutral
Forum Thread: Scarlet Sentinels
Recruitment: Invite Only (At this moment in time)
Main Language: English
Main Timezone: EST US

Clan Story

A bright flash lit up the night and the following supersonic shock wave knocked both Blood Rogues to the ground. As Luke Cifer lay on the ground trying to regain his senses, he could hear the booming echo of the explosion reverberate across the city. He felt hands pulling him to his feet and looked up to see Milky Joe. “Joe, what the hell happened?” he asked. “Knox must’ve set off the charges” answered Milky Joe, as debris from their former compound began raining down around them. Occasionally, bits of zombie parts would thump to the pavement nearby. “Damnit! He was supposed to get clear first. I guess he couldn’t break contact,” said Luke. Milky Joe shook his head, “Knox sacrificed himself so we could get away. We’d better head to the rally point. Dokan should be there with the others.” Both men gathered their weapons and began passing by long abandoned buildings, carefully avoiding open doorways. Each dark portal could reveal a lurking fat zombie. As they leapfrogged their way wordlessly toward the rally point, both men tried to push aside thoughts of their fallen leader. As they drew closer to the rally point, the streets became littered with more and more broken zombie bodies. Among them were the familiar faces of other Blood Rogues; Candice, Blackout, and Kidmule had also fallen during the escape. A flicker of light from a second story window caught their attention. Looking up, they could see Dokan’s bloodstained face peering down at them. Luke and Joe quickly crossed the street as someone in the building began taking down the barricade. Waiting for them on the second floor were the handful of surviving Blood Rogues. “Dokan!” hissed Luke. “Where’s everyone else?” “I’m sorry man. The others just kept running. It was all I could do to get this many here,” said Dokan as he waved his hand toward the four now manning the windows. Each man was covered in bloody bandages but appeared alert while covering his assigned sector. "Assassin managed to grab those three new recruits but that's it." “Is everyone alright?” asked Joe. “Yes, I had barely enough N-2 to keep everyone here from turning.” Dokan pulled out four syringes of the precious Nerotonin-2. “But we're really short now." "Where is Knox?” asked Assassin. Across the room, Luke glanced up but didn’t say anything. Joe sighed and finally said “Knox didn’t make it.” “What do you mean he didn’t make it? What are we going to do?” Milky Joe looked at the men in the room and felt the resolve grow within him. Each was marked with the scarlet of their own blood as they manned their posts; sentries peering out into the night. They were now the Scarlet Sentinels.

Clan Roster


The Politburo is a five man team of leaders for the Scarlet Sentinels. They consist of: the Chairman, Ambassador, & three Officials. The Chairman is the final decision maker of the clan and the primary leader. The Ambassador handles all inter-clan affairs, and posting on their threads. Each Official uses his best judgment and makes a vote for or against a final decision on every major situation. All Politburo members share a responsibility for every decision made. Any member of the Politburo can be contacted by PM regarding member complaints, clan events, updates, suggestions, etc.

Commissars (level 50+ with Politburo approval)

The elite members of the clan who have proven themselves capable of all tasks. Commissars are skilled in multiple disciplines as well as diplomacy. They are expected to lead the lower leveled members into battle, with or without direction from higher authority. They are the most trusted clan members by the Politburo. They also help moderate the chat room.

Brigadier (level 100+ with Politburo approval)

Brigadiers were introduced to overcome the normal army structure, designated for special tasks. They command groups, called Brigades. Brigadiers are non-commissioned officers.

Rebel Without A Cause (Specifically chosen by Politburo)

The "Rebel Without A Cause" are primarily Emeritius Politburo members who are still active. For their prior services to the clan, weather it be in the leadership area or elsewhere, they are exempt from ant labor or requirements to remain on the clan roster. They are considered to be highly dangerous, as they roam with no motive other then to see the enemies' Scarlet in their destruction.

Alpha Spetsnaz

Alpha Spetsnaz are some of the most deadly members of the Scarlet Sentinels. They can work alone as a one man wrecking crew or in a concert with one another to decimate all undead in a given instance. They're considered highly dangerous; so please use extreme caution when approaching these members

Spetsnaz Elite (level 100-149)

Spetsnaz Elite are more than capable members that have further proven themselves beyond the rank of Spetsnaz and show promising signs of becoming a major member of the clan and community.

Spetsnaz (level 85-99)

Spetsnaz are dependable members with a deep sense of commitment. Spetsnaz are tough and battle hardened veterans, who are expected to be 100% self-sufficient. Spetsnaz are also expected to be first in line to help out our lower leveled members.

Cossacks (level 70-84)

Cossacks are full members who have shown they understand the game and what it means to be in a clan. They are expected to to interact with clan mates and participate in as many events as possible to get the full experience before graduating to Spetsnaz.

Sotnik (level 55-69)

Sotniks are members that show a full understanding of the game, their character, and what will be expected of them from the clan.

Starshina (level 40-54)

Starshina have a good understanding of the game and have a plan for the future of their character.

Conscripts (level 25-39)

Conscripts are learning the game and fine tuning what roles they want their characters to have.

The Gulag

All new recruits go to the Gulag. Freedom from the Gulag requires proof of commitment to the Clan. Members of other classes may fall into the Gulag should they waver in their commitment. Upon entering the Gulag, or upon being demoted to the Gulag, you will have two weeks to prove your commitment. If you fail to do this, you will be dropped from the clan rolls with an option to re-apply again at another time.

Mentor Program

Having trouble deciding where to go with your character? Frustrated because you don't think you can progress any further? Confused on what stat needs to be what for maximum reload? Fret not! Sign up for the free Mentor Program when you become a member of the Scarlet Sentinels! You will be assigned a personal Mentor to guide you on your quest to build domination! There are two ways you can enter the Mentor Program: You can personally request it, or you can be assigned to it by a member of the Politburo. Once enrolled, you will be put back into the Gulag until you are cleared from your Mentor that you are ready to resume normal play.

Current Members

Officaials of the Politburo

  • Amma Chairman, Den Mother, Dominatrix,  Power Abuser, Queen of the Roofies and Bane of Screen Doors
  • Vick Master of 4Rel-Fu and Ye-Ye-Ye-Jitsu, Lord of the Groceries and Arena
  • Kenneh Webmaster and International Underwear Model
  • Deneris Voodoo King, Master of Wit and Charm
  • vv10 Bearer of the Black Titan's Love Child and Shower Elf



Rebel Without A Cause

Alpha Spetsnaz Elite

Spetsnaz Elite






The Gulag

  • Boris the Enforcer (Forever Gulag-"That Guy")

The Gulag Latrine Sanitizer

  • Camelcrush (Chairman and Dropper of Pizza Pockets)
  • Termin

  • Michael628 ( Inactive )
  • Waya (Inactive)
  • LegendAmongstYou (Inactive)
  • WARRIORS11 (Inactive)
  • Yeager (Inactive)
  • Flawlessone (Inactive)
  • eskndar (Inactive)
  • Stick of lies (Inactive)
  • Goducks11 (Inactive)
  • Cleanse Purge Kill (Inactive)
  • xXGHOST310Xx (Inactve)
  • The Inator (Inactive)

Retired Members

  • Stalin
  • Brittany
  • 89elite
  • Durragon
  • B133D
  • Rodney
  • FoxyLady
  • Chef Templar
  • Csot
  • t33j33y
  • QueenOfHearts
  • Glazee
  • Synothiumlast
  • DKstack
  • PMS
  • Brain Soup
  • Blazen52
  • Cassalia13
  • Sentinel
  • Mamma Gus
  • Ethanol
  • ChrispyBrownies
  • Sweetheart

See clan thread for updated rolls


  • The 105th (ODST)
  • Dawn Breaker Squad

Clan Benefits

  • Food and medical assistance if in dire need
  • Access to detailed loot routes for all experience levels as soon as they're updated
  • Ability to participate in clan run events and inner city activities
  • Weapon and armor rental system
  • Financial assistance if you are granted access to the Elite Shop
  • Mentor program for members who need personal assistance


• You must be at least level 25 to show you have an understanding of the game. This also shows that you at least played enough to get to that point.

• You must show respect to your fellow clan mates.

• You must be at least somewhat self sufficient. Scarlet Sentinels do not run around begging for handouts or loans. What you need is available in the Inner City.

• You must read and understand the basic Dead Frontier rules.

• You belong to one clan and one clan only. It's fine if you have alts but we'd better not catch that alt with a different clan sig!

• You must be able to sing acapella and prove it. This means you must provide video of yourself singing. The song is up to you. And no sheet music or karaoke!

• You must have a good sense of humor and thick skin.

• You must not bump the clan thread unless you have something to actually say. Filling our thread with 'bump' diminishes us

• Anyone in the Gulag will be dropped from the clan rolls if they are inactive for 10 days without prior notification.

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