When the Outbreak hit us, the world became far more chaotic than it ever was. Soon after people realized that they need to scavenge the remains of the old world to survive - theft, murder and looting became daily routine. Well, murder in the form of duels is now legalized and looting turned into a normal job, but due to certain shady persons, unfortunately theft is still a big problem among the survivors.

The Storage is the solution to this problem: A highly secured building along with a deep basement in the outpost for storing valuable loot and trading goods, which is secured and maintained by the outpost guards.

Slots Cost
First 5 Slots [5 Total] Free
Next 5 Slots [10 Total] $ 25,000 [$ 25,000 Total]
Next 5 Slots [15 Total] $ 50,000 [$ 75,000 Total]
Next 5 Slots [20 Total] $ 75,000 [$ 150,000 Total]
Next 5 Slots [25 Total] $ 100,000 [$ 250,000 Total]
Next 5 Slots [30 Total] $ 125,000 [$ 375,000 Total]
Next 5 Slots [35 Total] $ 150,000 [$ 525,000 Total]
Next 5 Slots [40 Total] $ 175,000 [$ 700,000 Total]
Prior to 12th December 2009, its purpose was purely for the storage of money, but due to the large amounts of unused space in the building, the Storage is now used to store all kinds of loot, while a nearby smaller building now houses the Bank.

Five slots are given to all players for free; however, additional slots can be purchased for varying one-time costs. The maximum slots available for each survivor is 40 storage boxes, which would cost a total of $ 700,000 (700k).

Alternatively, everyone can still use the previous method of storage by putting their items up for sale at the maximum price in the Marketplace or in private trades. Disadvantages of this method include that it will take up useful selling space.

"Storage Boxes"

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