The Last Remnants
Leadership: Smokin Aces and Council
Playing Style: PvE
Alignment: Neutral
Activity Status: Active
Forum Thread: The Last Remnants
Recruitment: Levels 35+
Main Language: English
Main Timezone: All Over

Every end has its beginning. Every pack has an Alpha. The rise of The Last Remnants is very clouded indeed, yet one story often emerges. Many say "Once, a man came from the inner depths of the city, his clothes stained in blood, skin torn, with a look in his eyes that not even the infected could harbour. The only thing he carried were two equally blood soaked blades; said to have been forged from the bones of the devil himself. Not one soul spoke to him. Soon after, he disappeared into the recesses of the Bunker, only to emerge with a group of men and women. They shared the same lookin their eyes that he himself helf. They all would seek the same goal, with the guidance of their leader and mentor."

Few know the exact meaning of the story, but it has begun circulating in the last several months.

Rules & Information

The Last Remnants is a Guild, specifically aimed at a relaxed, enjoyable experience in Dead Frontier. The members are expected to be relatively mature, as well as trustworthy and honest. With this said, we follow our simple rules very closely to keep things relatively civil.

The rules are as follows:

  1. Be respectful on the forum. Members represent TLR, tom-foolery is what other mediums for communication are for.
  2. Always keep all DF and Forum Rules in mind. All violators will be removed immediately.
  3. You earn our trust through time, not money, items or any other way. Trust is what will always determine access to the Armory and Bank.
  4. Members must be able to read/write English well, and be able to use it in chat.
  5. Drama occuring on the thread, not addressed within Private Messaging, will result in automatic withdrawl from the guild.
  6. No double posting.
  7. Keep the content of posts relatively mature. Jokes are one thing, but do not be inconsiderate or disgusting. If you manage to break this rule somehow, you don't belong with us. Violaters will be dealt with swiftly on a case by case basis, most are asked to leave.
  8. If any rules are unclear, ask the Leader or a Council member to have it clarified. Ignorance is not an excuse.


Most applications are accepted if taken somewhat seriously and filled out fully.

The format is as follows:

  1. What name do you prefer to be called?
  2. What is your Time Zone and Location?
  3. What is your age?
  4. How long have you been playing DF?
  5. What style player are you? Are you a forum whore, looter, grinder, or mercher?
  6. What can you contribute to the clan?
  7. Why do you want to join?

Applications should be submitted on this thread in particular.



Oversees the guild as a whole, decisions made by him can be overruled by the Co-Leader and Council by majority rule.


Helps the Leader in all his activities and is a general go-to advisor.

Council Members

Three spots reserved for the most dedicated and trustworthy members of the Guild. They take care of multiple things, ranging from watching over the thread, to updating the clan thread and wiki page.

Squad Leaders

Oversee their particular squad and organize events within it, as well as possible services.


Second in Command of squads, chosen by the Squad Leader in the case that the leader is absent or resigns.

Squad Members

Main bulk of members and generally trusted players who have proven they are quality members.

Base Camp

The fresh blood, lower levels, and less active players of the Guild.


There are three base squads that all players have the possibility to join upon promotion, at their will. There are two other squads that require particular prerequisites.

Base Squads

Alpha Squad

For casual players, forum whores, and laid back players.

Bravo Squad

Our looting team, intended for future looting events and parties.

Charlie Squad

Our grinding, mother slaying, wraith poking members. Intended for boss hunters, as well as group boss hunting events.

Specialty Squads

Zulu Squad

Focusing specifically on currently serving and veteran soldiers, Zulu Squad offers support ot the current and past inviduals who serve(d) in the Military. Open to any currently serving soldiers or veterans with Smokin Aces' Approval. Zulu Squad members are subject to altered rules, especially if currently serving. In particular, activity expectations are heavily ignored for these members.

Delta Squad

An elite squad intended for the most insanely devoted and hardcore Dead Frontier players. The squad is invite only, and it is considered a great honor in the Guild to be invited to Delta Squad.

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