[[Image: The Order|alt="The Order"|300px|center|The Order]]
The Order
Leadership: Psychel
Playing Style: Looting, PvE, PvP
Alignment: Neutral
Activity Status: Active
Forum Thread: [ The Order]
Recruitment: Openly Recruiting
Main Language: eg
Main Timezone: Mountain Standard Time


Sect of the Dead Frontier

We are the new sect of The Order. We are created from the Sheperd's Glen Sect because of there incompetence of pleasing our God and we now have been left to the ravages of the Otherworld because of it. We must now learn to survive and cope with our new lifes in the Otherworld having our God abondoning us, but not to worry for we will strive in this new world and for the good of this world and the new found Order, we must destroy our God.

The High Council's Circle

Composed of the leaders of The Order. The High Council is set in place as a tool for all within the Order to make use of. The purpose of the High Council is to aid in the process of group formation as needed, act as governing body in matters pertaining to the Order as a whole, and to be a judge/jury if asked to settle disputes.

The Orders High Council Members

Psychel - Leader of The High Council.

The Superior's Circle

These are the best of the best in The Order. They will most likely be sent to collect loot in the deepest parts of the Otherworld and on occacion be sent to kill the many bosses of the Otherworld.

The Orders Superiors

The Soldier's Circle

These are The Orders Soldiers they act as the backbone of The Order. They will be sent out on missions of looting the Otherworld to bring back supplies to help improve The Order.

The Orders Solders

TheRevent - PVT

Our System of Beliefs


All members of the Order must have fully committed themselves to this purpose in their beliefs, their activities and their lives.

Levels of Membership

Membership within the Order is based on the abilitys of said member. 

The High Council's Circle

The High Council is the highest level in which you can go in The Order. you will be in control and will know of anything that happens within The Order.

The Superior's Circle

These are the members that are the strongest and have the highest level of skill within The Order some may even be stronger then members of The High Council.

The Soldier's Circle

This will be the basis of The Order. any beginning member will start within The Soldier's Circle and will stay here unless allowed by The High Council to be moved to another level of the membership.

Grievances and Discipline Procedures

All decisions made by the High Council are binding. Presenting one's case before the Council implies one's acceptance of their decision. Those seeking mediation must contact the Scribe. 

The High Council shall be called in to preside over disputes within a group, to hear complaints and accusations of inappropriate acts, heresy, abuse of power by leaders any other complaints that are deemed worthy to preserve the public image or internal integrity of the Order. 

The nature of the disciplinary action shall be decided at the sole discretion of The High Council. These actions shall contain, but not be limited to, assignment of manual labor, persecution of an individual member, execution or torture, and the banishment of a group. If an individual member wishes to leave the Order, they are required to bring their request to the High Council.

Joining the Order

you must fill out an application on The Orders forum page

Link Here:

if confused on anything message me for more info.

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