"The Organization"
The Organization
Leadership: BlackSn0w, Nebulizer, Danny Worsnop
Playing Style: PVP, PVE, Looting
Activity Status: Active
Forum Thread: The Organization
Recruitment: Apply
Main Language: English
Main Timezone: GMT -6

The Organization was founded by 3 men.
Those men have been with others, well, other clans.
For some reason, no matter how good those clans were,
how big they were,
how the clan mates were family,
there was just one common thought with those 3 men:
Those clans went out of boundaries.
Anarchy started arising!

Those men went out, and done some research.
They found out, that most clans are "losing it",
that anarchy really is rising.
This had to stop, this had to change, this needed a tight grip.

That's when those 3 men decided to unite, and form a clan,
a clan where everybody would feel safe, feel like home.
A clan that would open new opportunities,
give anyone a chance.
Make a change to to ourselves, and together, change the game.
We won't stay silent, we won't see things tear apart,
we'll be the ones to tear things apart,
we'll tear the anarchy, and rise to governmental standards.

"The Organization", that's what they decided it would be named.
This clan was created, to make a change, bring back the pleasure,
to have an impact on the community, on the game, and the market.
This clan rose from ashes, slowly forming a team of Elites.
And together, we shall make a change,
we shall organize this game & it's surroundings.
We shall be, "The Organization"!
All applause, for your new government,
something that has been lost since the apocalypse,
"The Organization".




Leader: (admin privileges)


The Leader(s), as the name says, is obviously the Leader(s) of the clan.
Leader(s) can recruit new members, kick members, change rules,
and do anything that can be done in this clan.
Of-course, if a
Leader(s) wishes to make a change to the clan, or it's members,
it is required to discuss it with the rest of the admin/mod staff.


Elite: (admin + non-admin privileges)


Every member will be an Elite at a certain point.
If you did not get into 
Elite, probably you did not qualify for our clan.
Elite shows you are a full member.
There are two different 
Elite's, one with admin privileges, and one without admin privileges.
Elite admin has the right for full-admin access on the off-site,
with the same off-site privileges as a 
And an 
Elite admin can participate in administrative decisions, as mentioned above at the Leader rank.
Elite admin cannot make any changes or decisions a Leader can.
A non-admin 
Elite is a full member of the clan, just without an admin title.


Private: (non-admin privileges)


Every new member is ranked as Private.
You are a member of the clan, and have off-site access as a 
you may participate in events, and can do anything any other member can do as a clan mate.
But you are not yet a full member, therefor you do not have access to the clan armory.
To be promoted from 
Private to Elite, you'll need to gain the clan's trust, and qualify within an administrative staff vote.
If the staff voted negatively, you get a second chance with a warning, and continue as a 
If a 2nd staff vote has been negative, you'll be kicked from the clan.




Any member who has a  next to his/her name on the clan roaster,
means that he/she has admin rights.
Elite with a  has admin rights as an Elite.
Leader with a  has admin rights as a Leader.

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