"The Outlaws"
The Outlaws
Leadership: Dead Gavin
Playing Style: Grinding/Looting
Alignment: Neutral
Activity Status: Active
Forum Thread: The Outlaws
Recruitment: Levels 60+
Main Language: English
Main Timezone: EST (Any timezone can join)

This was the first time it ever transpired: I was trapped in a desecrated home with another man, the night was dark and bullets and screams flooded the atmosphere, just outside our temporary safe haven existed a beast, a walking tank rampaging against a small group of survivors hoping to bring it down. My companion was a man around his forties, tall man holding a grudge expression on his bearded face, it was imminent, we would spend the night in the residence.    ‘’Come here kid,’’ he said, as I followed him closely to the living room, big empty room with a fireplace, one table and a sofa yet remained. From the barricaded window moonlight cleared up some of the darkness, and I could notice my companion was no newbie, but a veteran survivor, as he wore a cowboy hat, an eye patch and a reactive carapace with a large scratch through the chest.     ‘’Rest yourself,’’ he said, ‘’this will be a long night’’.    The following hour was spent silent, but I did notice a bright gleam on the shoulder of his armor, a gleam which made my mind flood with the question: who is this guy?    ‘’So y’wanna know my story?’’ he asked before I could, ‘’well sit back and relax, cuz’ it is a long one,’’ I could hear the street go dead quiet as the last survivor had been crushed by the dark beast. ‘’I am an outlaw, part of one of the few surviving clans of the pre-apocalypse period, we started in a prison near what today is known as ‘Dogg’s Stockade’ as a small prison clan, which got popular with the passing of time. Some of the convicts, sentenced to death by their own genes, had been hand-picked by the pharmaceutical corporation: Secronom wanted to test their Nerotonin virus on a few cancerous culprits in the facility, they took many of my comrades and shipped them off for testing’’. At that point I was speechless, I was with a convict.    ‘’On June 28, 2016 my men got released by authorities from the raided Secronom facility and were immediately returned to prison. Shortly after, we found out one of our members became a fierce monster… we had to escape, some of my men managed to sneak out of prison, and eventually most Outlaws escaped… soon, all, but the infected. From outside we witnessed as Fairview fell prey to the N4, and soon after, the prison itself. Do not fear us, this is the punishment we receive from the world, the few men that remain are now led by a person codenamed ‘DeadGavin’, a survivor of the escape, we are but survivors of the end of the world,’’ he said as he rested his boots on the table, lighting a cigarette and taking it to his mouth, ‘’you are brave indeed, brave enough to come fight the beast that awaits us outside, we need able minds, brave men and women willing to fight; I would like to invite you to join us, The Outlaws…’’

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