"The Scav Group"
The Scav Group
Leadership: Scav via ScavAvenger, ScavNutz, and SciScav
Playing Style: I don't really care. Just don't cheat other players and no bullying.
Alignment: Lawful Good
Activity Status: Active
Forum Thread: The Scav Group
Website: Raidcall
Recruitment: Always Recruiting
Main Language: I can only speak English.
Main Timezone: America

(Updated 04July2014)


Hello, my name is Scav and I am a gamer.  My goal with this clan is to create a higher level of interaction between fellow players to support group activities. 

I don't sit in the arena all day killing noobs and I don't see that as productive game play. If you do, you may not want to join this clan.  This clan is intended for beginner and intermediate players.  All are welcome but not all will find this clan fulfilling.

Anyways, I found raidcall a year or so ago but lost contact with the group I was involved with.  I found that the ability to communicate directly by voice while in-game greatly enhanced group participation.  I hope you will give it a try and come help me kill Wraiths and Giant Spiders!


These are the things required for this clan -

  • RAIDCALL Application Installed on your computer.
  • Microphone device attached to your computer.
  • The will to kill zombies with extreme prejudice.

I use RAIDCALL as a tool for communication to facilitate my above mentioned goal. No applications are required.  Just download and install RAIDCALL then join room ID# 7188497.  And send ScavAvenger  a PM introducing yourself.


Its kinda like Skype but its free and you can have it running in the background while you are playing the game in full-screen mode.  This is something that allows us to talk while we are in-game.  It allows me to tell you I am going to shoot that exploding thing  so that you can get out of the way.  It allows you to tell me you just looted something cool without having to stop negotiations with aggro. 




You will receive the following upon joining this clan -

  • Help with missions
  • Help with looting runs
  • Help with killing bosses
  • Advise on character builds

We have some services already available for you in the NEZ -

  • a clan MEDIC (Nerotonin 8B and below)
  • a clan ENGINEER (lvl 45 repairs and below)
  • a clan CHEF (lvl 45 foods and below)

Further, I don't like people trying to force me to do anything so I will not try to force you to do anything.  Lets just play the game together and have fun! 

Noobs check this out - - this is an excellent tool that you can play around with to plan for characters past level 50.


This clan is open to ANYONE OF ANY LEVEL. If you turn out to be an internet bully (as determined by me) you will be promptly removed from this clan without notice.  I further reserved the right to kick - boot - block any individual for any reason should I feel so inclined to do so.  Anyone found to be cheating with a hack, crack, or mod will be banned, blocked, and reported to the admins of DF.  A good person acting in good consciousness does not have anything to worry about in this statement.


All in-game PMs (questions - comments - suggestions - introductions) should go to


You  may also reach us via -



Thanks for your interest.

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