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This page contains tactics used by Dead Frontier players for overcoming certain challenges of the game.

Beware of False Rumors:

  1. "Only level 40+ can go to the EZ" (The East Zones only have larger amounts of stronger zombies than other zones. If you can survive Tendrils and Spiders, you can survive in the East Zones)
  2. "Killing bosses + aggro requires guns" (A player with 124 agility and decent dodging skills can do almost everything in the game while using melee.)
  3. "Melee can be useful for saving ammo, but useless to fight an aggro spike as its possible to be done by only experienced players". (The trick is not to get hit at all, and not get cornered. Otherwise melee is the best weapon for everything except fighting exploding zombies, which increase in numbers the further you go into the Inner City.)
  4. "Certain missions require extreme help for players such as "The Big Black Thing" which requires a player to kill a black titan." (The Black Titan can be killed with melee, here is another example).

Note: Some players survive in farther and really dangerous places...If THEY can do it, so can you if you try hard and NEVER GIVE UP.

Fighting/EXP Grinding

When traveling or fighting there are several important factors to take into account:

  • Food - You lose 1 hunger point every 2 minutes in the Inner City. To gain the maximum experience (125% base EXP) from each kill always travel Nourished. Also, your experience gained per kill degrades along with your hunger - 100% when Fine, 75% when Hungry and 50% experience when Starving. When your hunger reaches 0%, your character will start to lose health until death.
  • Health - In order to be able to take the most damage, always travel with full health. Being Healthy, Injured or Serious has no penalties but when your health is Critical, all of your stats are halved.
  • Armor - To receive the maximum protection from armor always repair your armor to Normal condition before traveling into the Inner City. Broken armor provides no protection. (Master-crafted stat boosts do not require the armor to be repaired, they always work as long as the armor is equipped)
  • Energy (to run) - Always save enough energy to run away from unexpected Bosses or Aggro Spikes.
  1. Strength = Base requirement to equip weapons and armor, does not increase melee damage
    1. Endurance = Increases health (1 Endurance point = 2 hit points)
    2. Agility = Walking and running speed
    3. Accuracy = How close your bullets/grenades will be to where your reticule is aimed (Also reduces a shotgun's spread angle)
    4. Critical Hit = The percentage of critical hits you will cause (critical hits inflict more damage than normal - it is not necessarily 5 times more (sometimes 2.181818.. times)
    5. Reloading = Reload speed of guns/grenade launchers
  • Weapons - For best success, concentrate all your stats into 2 or 3 weapon types, but DO NOT choose a weapon that is too costly to maintain, like a Heavy Machine Gun, if you can't afford it, or a weapon that requires lots of stats. Choose something that is useful for what you want to achieve. Melee is a strong choice for most situations, although chainsaws are not suitable for looting as they increase aggro. Pistols and Rifles don't cause as much aggro and only draw in nearby zombies. All other weapons generate aggro, some less, some more. Machineguns are all excellent crowd control weapons. Submachineguns generate the least aggro out of all the Machine Guns, Assault Rifles and Heavy Machine Guns are equal as long as aggro is concerned. The only differences are operating cost, fire rate and damage. Miniguns are the strongest Machine Guns and also the most costly to buy and use due to extremely high rates of fire and the cost of the ammunition they use. Explosives generate high aggro and are costly to operate, making them almost useless when looting but are some of the best weapons to grind with.
  • Aggro - Higher aggro means zombies running faster at you, for longer distances, and larger numbers of them. Using Machine Guns, Grenade Launchers, or Shotguns will increase aggro significantly. Quiet weapons are recommended (especially for new players or looter builds) due to them being efficient looting weapons. Except for chainsaws, Melee Weapons don't attract any aggro, whereas Rifles and Pistols only draw in zombies within hearing range (tip: never make a character that uses both pistols and rifles as they fulfill the same purpose, but aren't necessarily the same). When transitioning from area to area the aggro can still follow the player. However, the aggro is substantially less with every subsequent area until it eventually returns to normal.

Grinding EXP behind fences

This one helps out a lot for new players starting Dead Frontier. Here's how it works ;

  1. Bring a gun (any type) and a melee weapon
  2. Cause aggro by shooting zombies (DON'T shoot randomly, as this wastes ammo)
  3. Keep on shooting until all zombies run towards you
  4. Move around a lot (as an anti-cheating code by admin if you stay in one spot for too long, you won't earn EXP for kills, including boss kills)

Grinding behind fences also works extremely well with bosses, as they will not be able to hit you. But coming too near them will risk you getting hit as some bosses' attack ranges are much longer than ordinary zombies.

Some missions are designed to be easier to accomplish , such as "Fear The Reaper" from Precinct 13 as an enclosed fence can easily be found in the mission site. If you want to maximize the effectiveness of grinding behind a fence, then do it during certain missions where there are fences in the mission area. This allows you to utilize the extremely high aggro during missions to your advantage.

Grinding With Chainsaws

Chainsaws are great weapons as they are capable of holding back zombies without you having to do much apart from holding the attack button. A common trick is to keep moving while you are grinding to avoid being hit and be good at your reflexes. When chainsaw grinding, there are a number of zombies that are potentially dangerous. See the Bestiary for in more info on zombies.

Leaper - This zombie will take you out with only one hit if you aren't paying attention. If you are fast enough, get behind them and grind your chainsaw behind them, as this is the only place they can't hit you. This can be dangerous as you will be less mobile, allowing other zombies to hit you. But stronger chainsaws can give such an effective knock-back to it that the leaper may be pushed a few yards, so keep moving along with the knock-back effect.

Spider - Very fast, but circling them is possible even for a Flaming Giant Spider (FGS) . However with chainsaws, they sometimes can make unexpected turns. Do not go head to head with them. Do note that chainsaws give a good knock-back on spiders but no sufficient enough to keep them far enough from hitting you if you go head to head with them.

Tendril - These creatures are extremely fast, and can do substantial damage over a long range. A skilled survivor can shove a horde of them effectively by grinding them directly while moving about. It is possible to melee them with chainsaws or knives or blades as they are very prone to knock-backs. The chainsaws knock-back on the tendril is so effective, that they couldn't get a chance to attack before they die due to the knock-back.

Bloat - These monsters should not be killed with melee weapons only; this is because when they die they explode releasing bone fragments that will hurt you. So, to kill them you will need a long-range weapon. There is, however, a way to kill them with only a few bullets. You have to hurt them with a melee weapon (you can figure out how many melee hits you can do with experience) and then shoot them. You will notice that they die with a few shots.

A list of zombies that has a "high resistant" to stun and knock-back but they can be slightly stunned:

  • Spiders
  • Bones
  • All bosses
  • Rumblers (but the least resistance of out all of these zombies)

Note : 1. They are resistant to knock-back from weak weapons , however they can be knocked back with very powerful weapons ( Heavy Machineguns such as Fm Mitrail , Fm Mag , M60 , Vulcan etc ) . Note : Spiders are considered very resistant to knock-back even from HMG's .... they are pushed backed slightly.

Note : 2. It is possible to give a good knock-back on spider but that depends on the weapon you use. For weapons with high firing rate but low damage per shot, it does a little slowing effect on spider. However with shotguns you can shoot the spider back a considerable distance.

Surviving An OA ( Outpost Attack )

 There are many techniques to successfully holding fort during a OA ( Outpost Attack ) , some are more useful for certain types of people .

  1. Gunning ( Gun + lots of ammo )
  2. Meleeing ( Melee or chainsaw )
  3. Sniping ( Using rifle from behind a fence )
  4. Multi-Stand ( Friends join to fight the zeds )
  5. Solo Stand ( You alone and guards )
  6. Explosives (Stand Behind a Wall and shoot )
This video shows how to survive during an Outpost Attack(OA) in Fort Pastor ( in Multiplayer which is harder ) with just a Grinder and 60 critical ( though it is possible with just a Steel MS800 and 50 critical minimum ) . 
DF Holding Fort in OA ( Part 2 )05:59

DF Holding Fort in OA ( Part 2 )

How to survive in a OA with melee

This means it is possible to use melee weapons in an OA ( MP, which is harder ) and not die . You just need to keep yourself from being swarmed by moving around a lot, not getting pinned against walls or other objects, and not becoming surrounded by infected.

Tactics on how to survive an Outpost Attack

There are many myths about surviving OA's ... the most common being, "You need 100 reloading, agility,and endurance to survive!"" or "Only crowd control weapons will help you!" None of this is necessarily true or required(but is definitely helpful), as the above video shows that it's possible to survive by making common sense choices, not panicking, and utilizing tactics effectively;

  • Do not go near walls as zombies will swarm you and you will be hit many times ( worst case scenario - you will be hit by a leaper )
  • Guards will help you but they take some of the EXP for every zombie they assist in killing. If you don't want to lose too much EXP, stay away from the guards and if you feel like your going to be overwhelmed, go NEAR the guards then move away. This way the zombies will be weakened but they wont be killed, meaning you wont lose too much EXP.
  • If you are in Single Player, make sure you go to a location which prevents zombies from coming in, but allows you to hit them (go inside one of the buildings and you will see a fence, some zombies will get through but you can easily gun down zombies while they cant reach you)
  • However if you are in Multiplayer (which is often harder, mainly because of the problem that zombies can only be damaged by the person whom they are chasing) you can either ask for help from someone powerful enough or you can simply shoot zombies that are attacking others. When those zombies die, you will receive some of the EXP from the kill.
  • Last but not least, do NOT AFK-Hog. AFK-Hogging is when a group of people are fighting a boss and some of them go AFK until the boss has been killed, and then they get loot without helping or doing any work. This is frowned upon by most of the Dead Frontier community.
  • A final note about OA's: You get bonus EXP based on the number of zeds you have killed and some calculations, not the time you have spent in the OA.(Full explanation here)

Surviving during a Personal Outpost Attack (POA)

One of the hardest situations to survive in, POA's provide many disadvantages ;

  1. Many zombies in a tight space making it difficult to reach the door and escape.
  2. No warning (it can happen in the morning or night in real life , and after 2 hours to 1 day of staying in a Personal Outpost without doing anything ). You will be forced to go into the Inner City when a Personal Outpost Attack happens.
  3. No guards to help.
  4. No bonus EXP.

However you can use furniture or other objects to your advantage (this means chairs, computers, tables and crates) to use as cover (which slows down zombies) and something to shoot through.

Once you manage to kill every zombie, they'll stop appearing through the door but there won't be an official end to the POA (no message saying "the last zombie has fallen" ) and no bonus EXP is given.

Hence, POA's are difficult situations to make it through, and there is no reward other than surviving to fight another day.

Personal Outpost Attack Strategy

Said by all to be one of the more difficult situations Dead Frontier has to offer, POA's are almost impossible to survive if you don't have certain tactics mastered and physical advantages to the building;

  • Choose buildings that have more than one entrance, larger rooms, and advantageous objects like tables, chairs, couches, desks, etc.
  • Use furniture and other objects for cover, (e.g. three couches in a living room forming the wide angled "U" shape, and standing behind them so the infected are blocked off from you. This scenario is similar to using a fence as a barrier to shoot through.) being on the other side of open doors to melee or shoot the zombies.
  • Slow down zombies by moving around objects if you are trying to stay mobile.
  • If you own a grenade launcher, hide inside a room and proceed to unleash doom upon your adversaries who are in the other room. Grenade launchers have the advantage of being able to shoot OVER walls to targets that are on-screen.

However , one must note that it is extremely difficult to survive a POA even with the above tactics. In this case, it will help to have powerful crowd control weapons (certain shotguns, HMG's, etc.) If you feel that you cannot survive a POA, then get the hell outta Dodge. Be warned that the aggro will still be present outside the building, but going back and forth between inside and outside the building will reduce the aggro until it's normal again. For more on Aggro, read this.

Traveling Strategy

There are two stances a player can assume towards traveling in the Inner City:

  • Aggressive - gathering zombies around the character by raising aggro. The player usually uses loud weapons to attract zombies and kill them(also known as 'Grinding'). Players who use this tactic should have high critical hit and reloading stats, and they should probably also have high accuracy if they use Heavy Machineguns's or Miniguns .
  • Passive - avoiding conflict with zombies whenever possible; running does not affect a zombie's perception radius, meaning you can run or walk and you will not attract more or less zombies with either method. The player typically uses silent weapons like melee or rifles/pistols and hunts for supplies (also known as 'Looting'). Players who use this tactic typically have high agility and/or endurance or critical, allowing them to both sprint faster and for longer periods of time, and enabling them to sustain more damage . 

When transitioning from area to area, the aggro sometimes will follow the player, especially if the aggro was caused by a siren. However, the aggro is substantially less with every subsequent area until it eventually returns to normal. See How Aggro Works  .

Reaching Fort Pastor (FP)

This guide is designed for low level players who want to have a low risk journey from Nastya's Holdout to Fort Pastor. However these tactics are also useful if you want to travel from any other outposts in Fairview. You can travel to Fort Pastor at any level. Note: More often than not when a new player reaches Fort Pastor, they’ll be stuck there, unable to leave due to the difficulty of surviving in the surrounding area.

The most famous of all the outposts in Fairview City is Fort Pastor. Many players migrate there because the cheapest prices (compared to the other 3 outposts) are here in the market place and for services, the main reason for new players to want to get into the game and explore as quickly as possible and the appearance of some of the game's boss zombies, such as the Titan, the Mother and the Wraith near the entrance of this outpost and the fact that Fort Pastor contains the most missions and they are also most rewarding . With the soldiers guarding the entrance it is easier to get experience, but the only challenge standing between you and Fort Pastor is the countless hordes of tougher zombies than at Nastya's, Dogg's Stockade, or Precinct 13.

Reaching Fort Pastor (Passively)

Heading towards Fort Pastor alone, without any help.


  1. Since you are alone, there is less chance of aggro
  2. No need to wait for slower players
  3. No need to hurry for faster players and waste energy


  1. If an aggro spike occurs, you will have to run through a few areas to reduce aggro back to normal, which wastes energy.
  2. Bosses are easier to kill with a team/party/group of survivors, but if you are using the Passive method to reach FP, this should not be a concern.

Points to follow when using Passive method to reach Fort Pastor (in order of importance)

  • It is possible to reach FP as a level 1 - you can reach FP, without getting hit even ONCE . All you have to do is IGNORE all zombies and DO NOT loot anything. That way (unless there is aggro or a OA going on when you reach FP) you can reach FP as a lvl 1 without getting hit even ONCE (video will be up soon on how to reach FP as a lvl 1 without getting hit a single time).
  • Do NOT waste energy (this is the most important bit) as you will require it to sprint when zombies become enraged .
  • Don't kill any zombies on your way to Fort Pastor, just ignore them. The less time you spend out there in the cold, harsh Inner City, the less aggro caused  If you see a siren, stay well away. One scream from a Siren is guaranteed to have dozens of tougher zeds chasing you, almost guaranteeing your death unless you're an experienced player. Zombies only follow you when they see you and will only attack if you are within range of their attack. 
  • If you have less than 100% energy and you reach the end of the block, wait, because you need as much energy as possible to survive. If there are enraged zeds running towards you, go to the next block and wait there.
  • Playing in single player mode will mean you don't have to worry about other players firing their guns and causing aggro spikes.
  • If a zombie starts following you just stay calm. Newbies who panic and shoot will raise aggro levels, increasing the risk of death. 
  • If you see a tendril, bone, reaper, or spider, quickly find another way around without attracting attention to yourself.
  • Never fire any weapon that isn't a pistol or rifle on this trip unless you absolutely believe you will die otherwise. This is because you might kill some of the zombies but attract the attention of others (and possibly enrage them).
  • If you must kill zombies on the way to Fort Pastor, silent melee weapons and pistols/rifles are a must because they cause little aggro.
  • Anyone can be unlucky - you might reach FP when there is an OA going on or a sudden aggro spike might spawn dozens of zombies and (if your unlucky enough) you may be killed right at the entrance of the outpost. Don`t give up, just try again.

You can choose to loot on the way, but the longer you stay in the Inner City, the higher the chance of an aggro spike and more time is wasted. However the choice is yours; If you don`t loot and die, then you wont have anything to sell or use to lessen the loss (or at the most, make a profit).

Reaching Fort Pastor (Aggressively)

This method involves going to Fort Pastor with a group or a band of people. You cause aggro on the way to level up and lessen the overall aggro which increases the longer you stay in the City.


  1. Clearly, the most important advantage it has over Passive Method is that you will have lots of help.
  2. Bosses are much easier to kill with teamwork (meaning everyone has to attack the boss - or if they're afraid that they will die, as bosses will suddenly switch targets, which is fatal for a slow player- they can simply attack the horde and help the players concentrate only on the boss)


  1. Aggro caused will make aggro spikes (See Here) which will kill players or at the very least, damage them.
  2. Stragglers will have to hurry and waste energy
  3. Fast players will have to wait for the slower ones
  4. People aren't really interested in helping you reach FP - only themselves. They are not above throwing you as an appetizer to zombies so they can reach FP safely
  5. You cannot tell the players what to do when a situation comes up (unless you are all connected on Skype)

Points to follow when using Aggressive method to reach FP ( arranged in order of importance ) ;

  • Go in multi-player mode and ask other people whether they are coming to Fort Pastor or not. If no one replies, type " The talk button is Tab " because some might not know that.
  • Be careful, even though you might have 10 people in your group - you can still be defeated easily by a really large mob close to FP ( Fort Pastor ) or a boss stronger than a flamer ( Flaming Zombie ). Aggro close to FP spawns spiders, tendrils and tons of charred zombies. Exactly the thing that can wipe out even the most powerful group of Nastyain's or Stockadians. And a titan, or any other boss zombie apart from flamers and mothers can wipe out inexperienced survivors who are meeting it for the first time. You're not invincible, even though you are traveling with 10 other peeps.
  • If you want to stay safe, stay in the middle. That way you can be sure that the zombies will not reach you quickly (they will either focus their attention on others or get killed).
  • Rep/Repair yourself. Going to FP on critical or serious MAY get you killed. And people on critical health slow down others.
  • Remind other players to stick together , after all stragglers (who fall behind) can be killed quickly .
  • Do NOT leave others to die to save yourselves, as it is annoying (since others might really want to reach FP like you) and it shows you are willing to let others die to help yourself . Help out others - when they are talking, guard them or when zombies are following them, shoot the zombies to slow them down .
  • If you don`t have much ammo, never mind . Participating in the zombie-shooting fest is not mandatory and you need not worry that you are not 'contributing' to the zombie kills . Try to help by guarding players when they're reloading.
  • Watch out for Outpost Attacks (OA's) ....  a OA in Fort Pastor ( FP ) spawns lots of spiders , tendrils, charred zombies . A mob of these fast zombies can easily wipe out a group of survivors from Nastya.
  • Watch out for the multi-player lag , i.e if a zombie is focussed on wanting to eat your friend , even if you use your best weapons you will never be able to kill the zombie as long as its attention is focussed on your friend . This does NOT mean that you will stand by and do nothing shoot the zombie then re-direct its attention by going near it . If you've done sufficient damage to kill it , the zombie will die instantly .
  • Don`t waste much time in talking, you will slow down others who wait for you and if a zombie runs up to you and is not stopped by others - you might get hit . To prevent this when you are talking , just press tab again to remove it . (This is obsolete when your are on communicating devices such as Skype)

You can choose to loot or not loot as a group ( tell the entire group to not loot anything and just continue or loot if they want ), because looting will provide useful supplies such as ammo, medications, food and perhaps even armor and weapons (if your lucky). But the longer you stay in the Inner City the bigger the chance of a aggro spike  and more time is wasted. However the choice is yours; If you don`t loot and die, then you wont have anything to sell or use to lessen the loss ( or at the most, make a profit ).

Note : There is no 'best' method to reach FP easily. For some players ( athletes ), they can reach FP in single-player mode ( SP mode ). The Passive method will have certain disadvantages at times ( like when you arrive at FP & there is a OA going on ) which is not much of a problem ( usually ) in Aggressive Method.

Just stay calm , and help everyone ^_^


While looting, it is highly advisable for players to avoid the use of weapons that increase aggro. Higher aggro means more infected after you. This will hinder your looting activities. Using Machine Guns, Grenade Launchers and Shotguns will increase aggro significantly (Grenade Launchers increases aggro much faster as compared to other guns). Pistols and Rifles attract zombies within hearing range and may disturb the looting. Melee weapons (except Chainsaws) don't attract any aggro. But be aware, the longer you stay in the Inner City the higher the aggro becomes and random aggro spikes are inevitable regardless of what weapon you use.

Players are encouraged to go out "deeper" into the Inner City if they feel comfortable. However, looting in very deep areas of the city isn't recommended unless the player has enough skills, stats or weapons to be able to handle the tougher zombies. Instead, the player should loot in places that are easier for them to survive in. Loot isn't as important as the player's life and the time wasted getting to your location.

Choose your weapons wisely, wielding only melee weapons will most likely get you hurt or killed when fighting exploding zombies like the bloat. Going looting without a ranged weapon is a bad idea anyway. It is also difficult to effectively avoid and kill special zombies during an aggro spike with only melee weapons as you have very little room to move around. When wielding guns one should always check to have enough ammo.

Keep in mind that you can still move around while searching a body or car. However, taking damage or attacking in any way interrupt your searching.

The safest way to loot is to kill any zombie that is nearby. This will guarantee that searching that object is safe and you will also gain plenty of experience. Killing zombies is optional though, it is possible to loot with only one hand on the keyboard, avoiding all zombies and only using the mouse to select yes or no on the item pop ups.

Zombies are not that dangerous at all once you get used to them. For example, normal and burnt zombies can easily be circled while standing over a corpse. This can be done with only one hand but it's easier with 2. Spiders and Tendrils are more difficult to avoid and may require sprinting. Leapers are about as easy to avoid as normal zombies but the Leaper's attack can end anyone's looting run in one swing so keep that in mind. Puking zombies can be dodged too, just wait for them to get close enough to puke and then move out of the way. Boss zombies should not be circled in this way as all of them (excluding the Burning Zombie) have very wide cones of attack, making them more difficult to dodge. Bosses also bring an aggro spike with them most of the time.

Cars are very useful when looting or when you just want to avoid zombies. When a zombie walks into a solid object such as a fence or a car, they will almost immediately start moving in another direction for a small amount of time, giving you time to loot or just get away from them.

Surviving & Looting in the Inner City

At first, you may want to get to the endzones or very close to them, but its up to you to decide if you should. Endzones refer to the South Eastern and North Eastern zones on the map, because they have the highest chance for the best loot in the game, not to mention that they house the toughest zombies. Additionally, if you are too weak to go towards the endzones but still want to pursue better loot, head as close as possible to the endzones. If you loot an area for a long time, you will start looting better stuff. Therefore take a very long route that ends close to the EZ as you will be looting really good stuff by then.

You can kill on your way there are as much as you like or not. It really doesn't matter. Main thing is that you use silent weaponry such as melee or pistols/rifles. Melee would be the best choice (unless it is a Mother or a bloat that explodes when it dies). It would be foolish to risk your health unnecessarily. It is highly advised to kill exploding zombies from a distance with low-aggro guns like pistols and rifles. However, aggro will increase the longer you stay in the Inner City.

Once you get to the end zones, the only thing to do is loot. Loot like there's no tomorrow. Ignore zombies walking nearby, although you should eliminate anything that is following you, as they will stop you from looting - because even if you loot something then go away, the same zombies will suddenly start following you again ( no one knows how as it happens off-screen ). Aggro increases due to the time spent in the IC.

If you can`t survive, then you definitely can`t have a successful looting trip. To survive, you may heed these; 

  • Take anything you've looted (medications and food), even those that are below your level, when you've started your looting trip (entering a Personal Outpost Mode and going out also means you've started your trip)
  • Once you have a full inventory , open your inventory and use all the medications/foods that are below your level . This will bring your health and hunger closer to normal ( at the least ) and will free some inventory slots

Yes, this may all the while cost your backpack slots. But, only for some time and this counts as insurance (because if you die you can sell those items which are 'useless ' and lessen the loss incurred by dying). Once you are on low health (serious/critical) and your armour has broken, immediately search for a house and make sure it has one entrance. Barricade and kill ALL zombies inside until the bottom of your screen tells you to " press O to enter Personal Outpost Mode " ( POM ) . Going into a personal outpost also saves whatever EXP you earned on the way

Note : After some time (1-2 days) your Outpost will be under attack, meaning zombies will swarm the area. Much like an Outpost Attack except its in a small area and there is no bonus EXP.

Tip : You can press inner city when you log out of the game so when you enter the game again you can go back into your outpost without being attack ( zeds may spawns in multiplayer if theres another player in the same instance as you )

Looting EZ

East Zone or End Zone is the most dangerous area in DF besides the Wastelands. In exchange, they contain the best loot in the game and even sometimes (rarely) legendary 120-tier items. They are looting daily by high leveled players. The requirements on looting EZ are the following:

  • Decent gear
  • A ranged weapon (Irradiated Rumblers are common)
  • Patience
  • High Agility (100+ Agility recommended)
  • XL Security Box (Though expensive, they can be a good investment.)
  • Gold Membership (Even though this is optional, you should still get it if you can.)

Before starting looting the End Zone, try scouting it first. Take note of the loot spots, the easiest path to get to them, then formulate a loot route. You should try getting familiar with End Zone zombies too. Common zombies include:

  1. Black Long Arm - They are the more powerful version of the Long Arm.
  2. Irradiated Long Arm - Their vomiting is comparable to the Flaming Mother's vomit.
  3. Flesh Hound - They are more powerful than the Tendril in terms of damage. Be careful.
  4. Black Rumbler - They are the more powerful version of the Rumbler.
  5. Irradiated Rumbler - They, like the Bloat, explode upon death. Melee is not advised when fighting them.
  6. Siren - A looter's worst nightmare. Their screaming is only made worse when encountered in the EZ. When spotted, it is recommended killing it immediately.
  7. Tendril - While they are more common in the Red and Black Zones, they are still a common sight in the EZ.
  8. Spider - Be wary when fighting these in groups.
  9. Leaper - This is the most powerful enemy in the game in terms of damage. While being slow, the Leaper is twice more durable than the Long Arm and Rumbler, and is able to kill a player in ONE HIT.

After learning all that, it's time to loot at the EZ. Follow the steps to loot at EZ:

  1. Travel to EZ. If you want better weapon loot rates, go to SEZ.
  2. Loot as planned. (Do not fight any bosses you find.)
  3. When the inventory is filled, use any low-leveled items you have.
  4. Fill your inventory up again to one free slot with any high-leveled items. (Nerotonin-2, Nerotonin 8B, etc.)
  5. Remove your armor, then suicide using the nearest zombie. (This is only necessary if you are looting in SEZ or if your outpost is Fort Pastor.)
  6. Heal yourself using any meds, repair your armor if necessary and sell your remaining items.
  7. Repeat previous steps.

The list of items that you SHOULD loot are the following:

  1. Nerotonin-2
  2. Nerotonin 8B
  3. Steroids
  4. 50+ level food (Like Caviar, Red Wine, Whiskey, etc.)
  5. Medium or High tier weapons
  6. Cash (You can get $10,000+ from an event)
  7. Morphine (This is only a temporary item. Once you're finished, use it or discard it.)

If you are not confident with looting the EZ, try looting the more closer and easier Red Zone.

When you're looting at locations that are a long distance from an outpost make sure to bring a claw hammer, nails, and planks so you can barricade and make multiple loot trips.

Aggro Spikes

This is important - aggro spikes are sudden increases of aggro/aggression (that is, many zombies suddenly run towards you even if you were using a melee weapon) . Aggro spikes can happen to anyone using any weapon -even melee! And it usually happens unexpectedly.

Think of it like a digital meter, when aggro increases, the number of infected increases . If you keep shooting with a high aggro-causing weapon but zombies stop coming, that means the number has dropped . When you keep using melee to kill especially in looting trips, the digital meter begins to rise very slowly. If you cause some aggro by using a loud gun after that, a huge amount of zombies will start running towards you. So using melee won`t guarantee that you will not get a aggro spike. Bosses do not spawn based on aggro, they spawn on a set time every hour on the half hour. You are guaranteed new boss spawns every hour (unless void time) in different random locations.

Do note that in areas where there is a higher level of danger which includes the black zone and red zone, aggro may spike much faster and more often as compared to other areas. It is speculated that playing in single player mode may actually reduce aggression levels or reduce it`s tendency to increase drastically especially when looting. A player being in AFK mode for too long (more than 30 minutes) can expect an aggression spike also when he resumes playing.

Tip: If you don't want to fight aggro, exit the area, but the aggro will still continue on the other area you entered. Exit the area again. Do this for 5-7 times until no zombie is running towards you. This tactic doesn't work if the area has a boss. If the area has a boss and you do this tactic, they will still be there. The best option is to enter other areas, but if there are no other areas to enter, it's best to cancel your trip. Nevertheless, if you have guts (and the agility) to go through the boss-infested area and continue your trip, good luck.

Saving inventory slots while on a trip

As said previously, each item consumes one item slot in the inventory, except ammo which has a certain amount to be maximized before it consumes another slot. Here are some tips to save inventory slots. If you have some clothes on your slot, wear them. If you have ammo that are not on the maximum amount, combine them with other ammo's. If you have one or two weapons only, or if you don't have any armor, you can equip the weapons and the armors you have looted, but you can only equip the ones that matches your skills. With this, you can continue your looting trip for a long time without going back to any outposts. Link title

Boss Hunting

Boss Hunting can be a rewarding and fun way to earn experience. (EXP is mostly earned from the aggro the bosses bring) Anyone can do this, even without any legendary gear. The following are the requirements to fight bosses:

  • Decent gear (Any medium-tier gear is fine)
  • Fast Reflexes (If you are not confident of your reflexes, try practicing on easy bosses)
  • High Agility (90+ Agility if fighting a Giant Spider, Wraith, etc.)

Every one hour or so, a boss is spawned on any RANDOM blocks. Bosses can range from Titans to the fearsome Black Titan. It is recommended to use any of the tactics below when fighting bosses:

  1. Circling - Weak bosses, such as the Burning Zombie and the Titan can be easily circled.
  2. Fencing - This involves finding a fenced location and fighting the boss in a distance. As bosses have high aggro range, there is a low chance that the boss will be pulled inside the location. This is also recommended if the horde always disturbs your fight.
  3. Courting - This involves finding an enclosed location, such as a basketball court, then "pulling" the boss and fighting it inside. (Fight the boss at the middle to prevent other zombies from coming in.) Example
  4. Zig-zagging - This is the most recommended and used tactic when fighting on the streets. It involves you alternating or "zig-zagging" when the boss attacks. A ranged weapon such as a pistol is recommended.

The loot gained from bosses is entirely depended on what zone you fight it in. It's much better and faster to kill a GS in 3 - 8 minutes than fighting a Black Titan in 15 minutes in the same zone.

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