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Can't get from point A to point B? Check out some these tips and tactics and try again!

General Tips

  • DO NOT WASTE ENERGY (this is the most important one) you need to sprint in order to avoid getting hit by the Flesh Hounds, or any fast running zeds. Manage your energy between blocks, you want to get their as soon as possible of course, but you also want to actually make it to your destination and no energy to dodge could mean otherwise.
  • Watch out for Outpost Attacks. An Outpost Attack spawns in a lot of enemies and could potentially kill you at an entrance of an outpost. This can be prevented by checking the Outpost Attack Indicator.
  • Plan your path ahead of time, and make sure to check so you know if you'll have to avoid a boss on the way.
  • Travel alone, and in single player. You might want to get a friend to take you somewhere, but it increases the chances of dying. Having multiple players traveling with you means more zombies spawn when you enter a new block/instance and increases the chances of an aggro spike.
  • Check your health and armour statuses, if they're not 100% you run the risk of dying while on your journey. If you cannot afford to heal or repair, you should not travel to that new location unless it is to loot.
  • Bring medicine and food with you. Normally 6 medical items and 1 food item should get you through a long trip.
  • Though uncommon and often more difficult (in later, more dangerous zones), it is possible to take 'shortcuts' through buildings to traverse a block. For e.g, large warehouses usually take half of the block and have 2 entrances, you can go through one door and navigate the building until you reach the other exit at the other side, thus skipping half of the block. Doing so helps you get off the streets (which usually have more zombies than in a building) and also offers the opportunity to loot for supplies silently. DO NOT ENTER BUILDINGS IF THERE IS AN AGGRO SPIKE. Zombies will follow you in and you risk getting killed.

Passive Travelling

Passive traveling is when the player ignores every enemy they encounter and never swing or shoot their weapon.

When To Use Your Weapons

There is only one reason you'd use your weapon when using this method, killing a siren before it can scream. The local aggro is a better trade off than letting the siren scream and attracting twice as many zeds.

Can I Loot?

If a spot appears to have no enemies around it, you can. This rarely happens in the later zones. This will increase your travel time drastically.

If you want to pick a few items up on your way to your destination, your best bet is lootable vehicles. You can loot them while moving, which could mean dodging any enemy attacks and your travel time doesn't take as big of a hit.

Manage Your Energy.

This was already mentioned in the General Tips section above, but it's extremely important especially when using this method. Energy is your friend.

Aggressive Travelling

Aggressive traveling is when the player uses a weapon to kill off any enemies that get near, along with the potential of traveling in multiplayer.

When To Use Your Weapons

If you're in multiplayer the odds are you will already have a ton of local aggro just by entering the same block as someone else and infected either hearing or seeing you walk by. Feel free to use your weapons to thin the crowds a little bit or to gain some distance between you and fast moving enemies.

Can I Loot?

This comes down to what you and the people you're traveling with decided on. It is suggested you do not loot at all, but if time is not important then feel free.

Should I Wait For Others?

Well, this is up to you. If you have easy communication with them like a voice chat, then yes. If they're a random player that decided to start shooting their machine gun and start grinding, then no leave them to die. It's the apocalypse, a great tool for natural selection.

As a general rule, you should tell one another you will sprint the first half of the block and walk the rest. This will allow the players to maintain their energy and no one gets left behind.

Enter a new block/instance at the same time. This will spawn more zombies at first, but it means the people you're traveling with are less likely to get hit by enemies on your tail if they quickly switch targets.

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