"United Nations Space Command (U.N.S.C)"United Nations Space Command (U.N.S.C)
United Nations Space Command (U.N.S.C)
Leadership: Zyrok
Playing Style: Allround
Alignment: Lawful Good
Activity Status: Active
Forum Thread: United Nations Space Command (U.N.S.C)
Recruitment: Limited
Main Language: English
Main Timezone:


We have been assigned to bring this infected city to its normal state. Under the order of the 5-Starred General Veers to save Earth from any more destruction. 4-Starred General Zyrok was assigned to this mission with his 701st Battalion, but so far he needs more men and women to help save the Earth.


To attempt to wipe out the zombies and bring back peace to the world.

Services for Non-members

We offer money and item transportation from different outposts, please contact Ben333 for details.

We also offer middleman services, once again, contact Ben333 for details.


The UNSC will always be looking for new recruits unless stated otherwise. There is now a $2000 commitment fee to join. It will be collected by our Financial Officer. He/she will send you an item for $2000 and you will have to buy it.

If you would like to join, please contact Ben333, xN0V4B14D3x, or any other UNSC member above the rank of Lieutenant. Here is the link to our clan thread on the Dead Frontier forums.


Non-Commissioned Officers (NCOs)

  • Recruit

The rank new members will receive upon joining the UNSC.

  • Private

Be at least level 21 and has passed the recruit testing phase.

  • Lance Corporal

Be at least level 25 and has conducted various service, missions, and/or assignments.

  • Corporal

Be at least level 31 and has almost meet the requirements of Sergeant.

  • Sergeant

Be at least level 41 and provided many services for the UNSC members and took minor leadership roles.

  • Sergeant Major

Be at least level 51 and able to lead other NCOs and missions with an Officer. This is also the stage where you can be invited by Zyrok or other Generals to be in the Officer Corps if you wish.

Officer Corps.

  • Lieutenant

Be at a level at least 30 and lead a small group of NCOs.

  • Captain

Be at a level at least 35 and has served in the UNSC in minor operations and promotion of the UNSC.

  • Lieutenant Major

Awarded if almost meets the Major requirements.

  • Major

Shown great leadership/encouragement to other members, be at a level at least 40, service/commitment to the UNSC, lead minor operations, and respect from other members.

  • Lieutenant Colonel

Awarded if almost meets the Colonel requirements.

  • Colonel

Proven themselves to be a good leader and has been highly respected by the people because of one’s actions. Be at a level at least 45 and led in major operations.

  • Brigadier General (1-Starred)

Completed many tasks/missions and a promotion from Zyrok. Be at a level at least 50.

  • Major General (2-Starred)

Lead many operations and completed tasks/missions and a promotion from Zyrok. Be at a level at least 50.

  • Lieutenant General (3-Starred)

Proven themselves to be a leader and a promotion from Zyrok. Be at a level at least 50.


  • Bravo Team
    The strongest and bravest members may take additional testing to be accepted into the Bravo Team.

    Members of Bravo Team will be the most experienced combatants in the clan, and will have high standards applied to them.
    This is the team when all last resorts for achievement are impossible. This will also be the team to finish the job when situations get worse.

    Same ranks apply as the 701st Battalion.
    • Bravo Team Leader: xN0V4B14D3x, Warren Tomac
    • Second in Command: Spencer307 , Ben333
    • Members: chimchar916, skiy, tyty527, skiy1k

  • Fire Team Zulu (Not Active)
    The strongest and bravest members may take additional testing to be accepted into the Fire Team Zulu.

    Members of Fire Team Zulu will be the most brave and willing to fight combatants in the clan.
    This is an offensive attack team which is a strike team that will eliminate all threats and complete the objective.

    Same ranks apply as the 701st Battalion.
    • Fire Team Zulu Leader: master chief117
    • Second in Command: tgangsta Members:blackdown3, Dexter Mime

  • Delta Squad (Not Active)
    The strongest and bravest members may take additional testing to be accepted into the Delta Squad.

    Members of Delta Squad will be the most brave and willing to fight combatants in the clan.
    This is a reserve attack team when Fire Team Zulu or Bravo Team is not around or busy on a mission. Delta Squad also provides bodyguard services to members who may need an escort to get to their destination. Members can further their progress through Fire Team Zulu or Bravo Team and get a feel like what Fire Team Zulu and Bravo Team does.

    Same ranks apply as the 701st Battalion.
    • Delta Squad Leader: haka207
    • Second in Command: N/A
    • Members: Omega, alvinxu, Medical Officer

  • Alpha Force

    The new recruits that are new to the game and/or to the clan are invited to join the Alpha Force.

    Members below the level of 30 should apply and get a feel of the game and/or the clan for starters. Here is where most recruits start and here is where people get the most help.

    Same ranks apply as the 701st Battalion.
    • Alpha Force Leader: Jayleau
    • Second in Command: Kulon
    • Members: Classified and viewable only by respective members.

  • Tech. Specialists Unit
    The team of scientists, doctors, engineers, farmers, and chefs with whom the team could not do without or the UNSC would run out of supplies and fall to the zombie forces.
    • Scientists: alvinxu, ben333, skiy1k, talix, SP armory, Teh final skateboarder, haka207, zombiekilla76, Dexter Mime the chemist
    • Doctors: Medical Officer, xXReaperXx30, skiy3k, scvideo
    • Engineers: blackdown3, Mechanic, ipenha
    • Farmers: Lieutenant, Omega, sgt bob Chefs: Rabbit, pooky159

Other Positions

  • Web Specialist
    The creator of our website for our clan.
    Currently: CenturyWarlord, Zyrok, ben333
  • Financial Officer
    Keeps track of all finances in the UNSC as well as the UNSC's bank account.
  • Vice Leader of the UNSC
    Vice leaders take command of the clan when the Clan Leader is unavailable or busy.
    Currently: xN0V4B14D3x


The current Armory holder is Omega. If you are unable to travel to the location of the Armory holder, the owner can transfer the item to a Transporter. Current Transporters are: Kulon


  • The armory will ONLY accept the following items:
    • MCed weapons from level 60+
    • Non MCed weapons from level
    • MCed armors from level 30+
    • Non MCed armors from level
    • Security boxes from Medium+
  • An item placed in the armory will always belongs to the owner.
  • Only UNSC clan members can request to borrow a item, with permission from the owner of the item.
  • An owner has a right to refuse item borrowing, without having to give a reason.
  • If the clan armory runs out of space, we will find the lowest level item and sell it. Depending on the owner, the money can either be:
    • Returned to its owner.
    • Donated to clan funds.
  • The Armory owner will not be held responsible for lost items if the owner gives permission to lend his item to a defective/disloyal UNSC member.
  • Transporters will be held responsible for lost items.


  • Cash
    • {Zyrok} $129570
    • {alvinxu} $110050
    • {Lieutenant} $99638
    • {xN0V4B14D3x} $3400
    • {haka207} $1000
    • {Salamandastron} $100
    • {Spencer307} $66
  • Blade
    • {Lieutenant} Machete (8/0/3)
    • {alvinxu} Machete (3/7/6)
    • {alvinxu} Kukri (0/6/1)
    • {Zyrok} Kukri (1/6/0)
    • {Lieutenant} Sabre (1/1/0)
    • {Zyrok} Sabre (0/4/0)
    • {Zyrok} Sledge Hammer
    • {alvinxu} Sledge Hammer
  • Blunt
    • {Zyrok} Shovel (2/3/6)
    • {alvinxu} Wood Axe (4/2/0)
    • {alvinxu} Wood Axe (7/0/0)
    • {Zyrok} Wood Axe (6/0/6)
  • Chainsaw
    • {alvinxu} Ronan Pro (3/8/4)
    • {Zyrok} Steel MS800 (0/0/8)
  • Pistol
    • {Lieutenant} Kolt Python (0/3/3)
    • {Lieutenant} Lock 19 (0/3/4)
  • Rifle
    • {WARxHOUND} M1 Garand (6/6/0)
    • {Lieutenant} MSG-9
    • {Zyrok} SIC 550
  • Shotgun
    • {Lieutenant} Sega-20
    • {WARxHOUND} Mannberg 500 (7/4/5)
  • Machine Gun
    • {Lieutenant} UMP
    • {Lieutenant} XM8
    • {alvinxu} FM FAL
  • Explosive
  • Armor
    • {skiy1k} Black Kevlar Vest (0/21)
    • {alvinxu} Desert Camo Flak Jacket (19/0)
    • {Zyrok} Blue Mesh SLX
    • {alvinxu} Yellow Mesh SLX
    • {alvinxu} White Mesh RX-2
    • {Zyrok} Grey Reactive SLX
    • {Zyrok} Grey Reactive SLX
    • {alvinxu} Grey Reactive SLX
    • {alvinxu} Grey Reactive SLX
    • {alvinxu} Grey Reactive SLX
    • {alvinxu} Blue Reactive SLX
    • {alvinxu} Black Reactive SLX
    • {alvinxu} White Reactive XT800
  • Security Boxes
    • {Spencer307} Medium Security Box

Member List

This is the current member list, sorted by levels.

[Level 79] Lieutenant

[Level 78] Zyrok

[Level 71] alvinxu

[Level 69] chimchar916

[Level 65] parep2001

[Level 62] theevilpotato

[Level 60] Kulon

[Level 58] ben333

[Level 57] laluxx

[Level 56] PawnTacticsEBB

[Level 51] skiy

[Level 51] Nuts To You

[Level 50] kueler

[Level 49] sgtcody

[Level 49] Sacredwarriorms

[Level 48] sgt bob

[Level 47] Rabbit

[Level 47] jay208

[Level 47] DixonDaryll

[Level 45] Omega

[Level 45] Jangorulz

[Level 45] bgonzalez1964

[Level 44] skiy1k

[Level 44] Mcleen

[Level 43] Chalkline

[Level 42] Mechanic

[Level 41] xSoulReapx

[Level 41] xN0V4B14D3x

[Level 40] spartan2000

[Level 40] lovelady

[Level 36] WarHeero

[Level 36] tyty526

[Level 35] Sn102705

[Level 35] PFCSAM

[Level 35] jayfurry

[Level 35] ipenha

[Level 34] Sarah Palin

[Level 33] WARxHOUND

[Level 32] Medical Officer

[Level 31] Spencer307

[Level 31] CenturyWarlord

[Level 30] pooky159

[Level 29] master chief117

[Level 29] funtil187

[Level 27] Jayleau

[Level 27] Brandongamer

[Level 26] tgangsta

[Level 26] HellKilla

[Level 26] Dubstep15

[Level 26] Mgalekgolo

[Level 25] talix

[Level 25] oskar4072

[Level 24] thereaper21

[Level 24] SP armory

[Level 24] MasterMcChief

[Level 23] tjjjj

[Level 23] Spartan029

[Level 23] Drainer

[Level 22] N00B Z0MB3R

[Level 22] andy11713

[Level 21] mmorine001

[Level 21] King of the Darkness

[Level 20] CruzMissile2k11

[Level 18] SpartanA118

[Level 12] Prytor

Member Reporting

Also you need to report in either by "Reporting in" reply or by staying active on our thread. More time active can allow you to get promoted easily.

Remember our motto, and be strong: "To serve and to protect".

NOTE: If you do not report within 2 weeks, you'll be warned officially with an IGM.
If you do not report within 2 months, you'll be removed/kicked (Kicking can only be authorized by a higher rank member) from the UNSC.

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