"Umbrella Security Service"Umbrella Security Service
Umbrella Security Service
Leadership: Pinoy
Playing Style: Mercenaries:Loot, Boss Hunt, Grind
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Activity Status: Inactive
Forum Thread: Umbrella Security Service
Recruitment: Invite Only
Main Language: English
Main Timezone: Varies

Umbrella Security Service

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The U.S.S is an Elite Special Forces taskforce. As opposed to the Umbrella Biohazard Countermeasure Service (U.B.C.S.) which was mainly used for cleanup work, the U.S.S. is a specially trained Black ops unit dispatched by Umbrella.
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Rockfort Island Military Training Center trained recruits for Umbrellas military taskforces until the island fell in December 1998. After the Incident, the remaining U.S.S. personel who survived were transfered to different sections all over the world.


........Though the main weaponry of the U.S.S. was the standard MP5 Sub-Machine Gun, the arsenal changed due to the rapidly mutating infection found in the city of Fairview



Though it is unknown how they arrived in Fairview, the members of this Organization who were sent here are tasked with finding the the Science Facility located in this city known as Secronum, and eliminating any hostile threat that stands between them and their goal.

CLASSIFIED DOCUMENTS : . . . . . . . .

CLASSIFIED DOCUMENTS : . . . . . . . .

CLASSIFIED DOCUMENTS : . . . . . . . .

Access to Unclassified Documents:. . . Granted.

The U.S.S. was based in Europe under the direct control of Umbrella Headquarters with agents based in many of the company's facilities throughout the world. Though security was its primary function, the unit was secretly charged with the recovery of corperate assests and extermination of transgressing targets to the company's interests, such as traitors or trouble-makers.

Agents recieve six months of special anti-BC (Bio Chemical) and anti-B.O.W. (Bio Organic Weapon) training on Rockfort Island. The Units tactics and equipment were inspired by the British SAS (Special Air Service). Its agents were equipped with gas mask to counter any Chemical Weapons used against them and were also equipped with black flame-proof Nomex Combat Uniforms for intimidation. In Addition, they were more heavily trained in indoor combat for battles in limited small places such as passenger planes or inside rooms.


Access to Mission Archives:. . . Granted

Umbrella Plant 57 Incident (1980's)

In the  1980's the U.S.S. was involved in the clean-up operation of Umbrella Plant 57 following an accident during testing of new B.O.W., which caused the factory's destruction. Working alongside the government, the U.S.S. eliminated survivors and witnesses to the accident while decontaminatiing the area to erase any evidence of the accident or Umbrella's involvement.

Mansion Incident (1998)

In May 1998, U.S.S. Agents were ordered to safeguard the Arklay Laboratory after the T-Virus leak. Under the command of security chief Albert Wesker, they prevented personnel fom leaving the facility with a strict shoot on sight policy. At the same time, other agents were assigned to the Reclamation Project at the executive training center. All agents involved in these operations were killed.

Raccoon City Destru..... Access Denied

Secronum Incident (2016)

In April 2, 2016 the remaining Umbrella Security Service members in Fairview intercepted a message from Secronum containing information about a large black heavily mutated beast on flames near one of their bunkers. The remaining members dispatched immediately to subdue or kill the beast to obtain a blood sample. Upon arriving on foot, they were swarmed with heavily mutated black infested humans. After fighting for hours and low on ammunition a loud roar was heard from the distance. Cars, buses, and old tanks blocking the streets were hurled aside as a Flaming Black Titan charged towards the fatigued members. The creature charged straight into the group and instantly killed 2 members, sending their broken bodies flying several feet across the streets. The remaining members fought against the relentless being for 2 hours until reinforcements from Secronum Bunker arrived. By that time 3 members were killed and only Sergeant Bard and Commander Pinoy remained. After another few hours of fighting, the Flaming Black Titan finally fell. Standing upon its corpse, the captain retrieved the blood sample and radio'd to Umbrella headquarters, "Mission successful". Commander Pinoy and Sergeant Bard were the only 2 surviving members of the U.S.S. in Fairview. A extraction helicopter was sent for the Commander while the Sergeant stayed behind to continue gathering Intel on the ever mutating infected in Fairview. Umbrella never looked back at the city and Sergeant Bard was left behind.


Security Task Force for Umbrella

Locate Secronum

Eliminate Hostiles

Gather Intel on Infected in Fairview




Pinoy (MIA)

Team Leaders:

UnKowN037 (KIA)

SergeantBard (MIA)

Rashinork (KIA)

Squad Members:

Unit 11 (KIA)

Type 69 (Deceased)

Unseen Blade (KIA)

doctormeister (Left position)

TheDeadofgod4 (Left position)

DEADPOOL9 (Left position)


TeamUp (Left position)

ram366 (KIA)

Yabizar (Left position)

KoreanGirlgroup Twice (KIA)

tranzitas123 (KIA)

roomete (Left position)

boostedk20 (KIA)

Task Forces (Inactive)

Phantom (Alpha):

Team Leader: Pinoy

Squad Members: Empty

Liberators (Bravo): Status. . . Inactive

Team Leader: Empty

Squad Members: Empty

Armoraiders (Charlie):

Team Leader: SergeantBard

Squad Members: Empty

Wolf Pack (Delta) : Status. .  Inactive

Team Leader: UnKnowN037

Squad Members: Empty

Fire Teams (Inactive)

Fire Team Lima: Status. . . Inactive

Team Leader: SergeantBard

Sub Leader: UnKnowN037

Squad Members: doctormeister, type 69

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