"Zombie Squad"Zombie Squad
Zombie Squad
Leadership: VistaDevil
Playing Style: Economic Domination
Alignment: Lawful Good
Activity Status: Active
Forum Thread: [ Zombie Squad]
Recruitment: Contact AngelExterminador
Main Language: English/Spanish
Main Timezone: UTC -6



2015-01-11: Secronom Bunker official delegation is open for business, offering products and services for levels 15 to 25. Some of the missions are, in fact, quite easy if you are capable of consistently killing sirens at first attempt and avoid being bitten by big dogs and spiders. Use the established protocol to avoid bosses and you'll be leveling about 5 levels per mission. Please remember to bring food, medicine and ammunition for several days. Have a nice trip!

Field Operation Map

Please refer to this map to locate the correct rendez-vous spots. As usual, coordinates will be stated using the XY axis (Row-Column pairs).

  • Nastya (20,1)
  • Doggs (35,6)
  • Precinct 13 (1,13)
  • Fort Pastor (17, 30)
  • Secronom Bunker (33, 55)

If you have some questions about this, please contact your Field Officer or me to clarify any doubts you may have.


Official Notice

ZombieSquad Clan is live and active since September 30, 2014.

The rules for joining us will be published at a latter time, but basically we want members who follow Dead Frontier's general guidelines and are loyal and commited to make our clan better.

Giant Spiders at Precinct 13

On September 2, 2014 while doing the "Find Sabrina" mission at Precinct 13 a Giant Spider and a Wraith were sight at 1025, 1019. As this two bosses were unknown to this area, better watch yourself and don't feed them.


An uncommon sight of a Giant Spider near Precint 13.


After it was clear that the zombie outbreak was not going to disappear anytime soon, the Fairview Chamber of Commerce realized that some drastic measures were needed to maintain certain order amidst the generalized chaos. Yes, the zombies were a danger to survivors. But even more dangerous was the lack of food, medicines and ammunition for without them, survivors were nothing more than walking meat waiting to be slaughtered. And what distinguishes men from beasts is commerce; if Fairview citizens were to have a fighting chance to survive, safe passage between the outposts should be ensured to allow products and services to be traded at fair ratios: thus was born the Zombie Squad.


Members of the ZombieSquad enjoy an ample range of benefits which include free food, meds and ammo, along full coverage of services (cooking, healing and repairs) at all Fairview's outposts. There are also supervised training journeys to improve and hone the survival skills of new members, as well as complete armory and arsenal designed to try out some weapons and armors before buy them. Now and then, we organize certain events, like the marathonic Fairview Circuit (in which participants have to travel from Nastya to Doggs, from Doggs to Precinct 13, from Precinct 13 to Fort Pastor, and from Fort Pastor to Nastya in less than 3 hours without leaving the Inner City) or the Most Valuable Item Traded (those items selling extremely low at one outpost but with a high demand in other outpost).


For those players willing to join us, please read carefully the following requirements BEFORE asking for an enrollment interview:

  • Be honest and trustworthy.
  • Be able to support yourself.
  • Be able to move around the Inner City undamaged (at least, most of the time)
  • Provide 2 deployment round trips between selected outposts per week.
  • Play at least 3 different days per week

Commerce may be hard and sharp, but there is no need to make an extra buck by taking unfair advantage of those needing our wares, trades and/or skills. Our prices are set 5 bucks below the SECOND lowest bidder for the item/service traded at the destination market. You must abide to this principle at all times.

There are a few additional requirements for aspiring members, depending on their level.


  • Candidate: This is the entry point for all players aspiring to join our ranks. It last 4 weeks in which the candidate is expected to play a minimun of one hour every other day. During this time, the candidate will receive food, meds and ammo to perform the tasks assigned to him/her (like gathering resources, mainly). If the performance of the candidate is deemed inferior to our standars, he/she will be dismissed and would not be able to apply again in the next 30 days.
  • Apprentice: After the trial period, candidates take a survival test and if they pass it, will become apprentices. This stage last 6 weeks and during this time, the apprentice will receive a daily ration of food, meds and ammo in exchange for services rendered to the Clan (like transporting items from one outpost to the other). Color-coded clothes, weapons and armor will be provided by the Clan which must be used at all times. If the apprentice does not perform as expected, he/she will be dismissed permanently.
  • Journeyman: After the apprentice passes a survival test, it will be regarded as a journeyman. This stage last 12 weeks and besides covering his/her health & food needs, the Clan will provide a weekly cash allowance to train the journeyman in the art of trading. The journeyman will command several apprentices only to supply his/her trading needs
  • Master

Survival Tests

All survival tests are designed to insure candidates can accomplish the required tasks according to his/her level.

Captura de pantalla 2014-01-09 00.03.02

Ubicación de la prueba de supervivencia

  • Gathering:
  • Foraging:
  • Extermination:

Level 15 or Less

Level 25 or Less

Level 35 or Less

Level 45 or Less


Missions Done

Secronom Bunker

  • (2015-01-30) Find Evan: Go 1 down, 2 Right and kill a few Bloats until one of them drops a body.
AA-15-01-30 - Find Evan

Ángel Exterminador

Missions Done


  • The Survivor (14-06-27)


  • Suck on this (14-06-27)

Precinct 13

  • Find Jim (14-06-27)

Fort Pastor

  • Some New Talent (14-06-27)

Zed Fixer

Missions Done


  • The Cull (14-01-24)


  • Bones (14-01-24)

Precinct 13

  • The Lost Pendant (13-12-23)
  • Battery Acid (13-12-26)
  • Tendril Strike (13-12-27)
  • Blood Harvest (14-01-24)

Fort Pastor

  • Betsy is broken (13-12-21)
  • Missing Boy (13-12-22)
  • Radio Waver (13-12-23)
  • Pinned Down (13-12-25)
  • Engage! (13-12-26)
  • Save the Data (13-12-30)
  • Chemistry Time (13-12-30)
  • Stomach Cramps (13-12-31)
  • Mow Down (14-01-01)
  • Mother Lovin' (14-01-02)
  • Hunger Strike (14-01-02)
  • Trade Off (14-01-03)
  • Hunger Strike (14-01-24)
  • Sixteen Legs (14-01-24) -- BARELY AND BY SHEER LUCK --
  • Rumbler Samples (14-05-16)
  • Put them down (14-05-17)
  • One Big Fat Ass Spider (14-05-26)

Bosses Kiled

  • Santas: 11
  • Elves: 48
  • Flaming Mothers: 4



Después de que quedó claro que la epidemia zombie no iba a desaparecer rápidamente,  la Cámara de Comercio de Fairview se dió cuenta que debía tomar medidas drásticas para mantener cierto orden dentro del caos generalizado. Si, los zombies eran un peligro para los sobrevivientes, pero más peligroso era la falta de comida, medicina y munición ya que sin esto, los sobrevivientes no eran sino hamburguesas andantes listas a ser devoradas por los infectados. Y lo que distingue al hombre de las bestias es el comercio; si los ciudadanos de Fairview iban a tener la oportunidad de pelear por sus vidas, habría que garantizar el tránsito seguro entre los puestos a fin de que tanto productos como servicios pudieran ser comercializados a precios accesibles. Y así nació el Esquadrón Zombie (ZombieSquad).


Los miembros del Esquadrón Zombie (ZombieSquad) gozan de un amplio rango de beneficios que incluyen comida, medicinas y munciones, junto con los servicios básicos (preparación de alimentos, atención médica y reparación de armaduras). También realizan viajes de entrenamiento para mejorar y pulir las habilidades de superviviencia de los nuevos miembros, así como acceso a la armería y arsenal del Clan donde pueden probar algunas armas y armaduras antes de comprarlas. Regularmente, organizamos ciertos eventos, como el maratón de Fairview (en el que los participantes tienen que viajar de Nastya a Doggs, de Doggs a Precinct 13, de Precinct 13 a Fort Pastor y de Fort Pastos a Nastya en menos de 3 horas sin abandonar la ciudad) o el Artículo Comercializado Más Valioso (aquellos artículos que se venden muy barato en determinado Puesto, pero extremadamente caro en otro).



Topota Madre ZombieSquad Outpost Leader


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