"Zombie Outbreak Response Team"
Zombie Outbreak Response Team
Leadership: The governor Philip Blake
Playing Style: Rescue,Escorting,Transportation,PvE
Alignment: Lawful Good
Activity Status: Active
Forum Thread: Zombie Outbreak Response Team
Website: NONE YET
Recruitment: Application - Message The governor Philip Blake
Main Language: English
Main Timezone: UTC -8 (USA)

June 28th 2016 - The day it all began. Only took a matter of weeks for it to reduce the world to bloodstains and fire. Supposedly the fault of Secronom, perhaps the wrath of a vengeful god upon his sinful subjects. Maybe just the result of coincidental genetic mutation. I don't think most people alive today give a damn anymore. They are losing hope, despite the establishments of outposts throughout the city. I don't blame people for losing hope. The world isn't a playground anymore. They don't like the way the world has changed. But the truth is - Nothing about the world has changed. The predators are still feeding on the prey. We have changed. Same rules as before, different winners. All we need is something to fight for. Something deeper than survival. We need a symbol. Something to unite under. May our banner be that Symbol, and may the wind blow so that all see the banner of the Zombie Outbreak Response Team . The war isn't over. It never will be. But we can still be on the winning side.


Supreme Leader: The governor Philip Blake


Admiral: Immortal Fenix,pj1915(Looter)

Sergeant: Racnarov,Maclain

Privates: ABlockMan,Joseph Gold,Magoichi222,Baldbeaver599,Bolorado,Gadhyel

Death Dealers

Do You Have What It Takes?


   Recruitment: How to get in    

  • Must be level 15+ to join
  • Send The governor a personal message including the following information:

Your name:

Characters profession:(doctor,police officer)

Your age:(optional)         Best kind of weapon specialized in:(melee,pistol etc.)

Are u willing to do missions on your own, determine the difficulty you are willing to face?               Your level:

Ranking Up: How Can You Climb The Ranking Ladder

If You are a private and u want to become a sergeant these are the requirements:

  • Be lvl 20 and have made it to fort pastor.

If you are a sergeant and want to become an admiral u require:

  • Be lvl 30 and have killed a boss like titan or the burning zombie which is easy.

If you are a admiral and want to become a general u require:

  • Be lvl 40 and have traveled to all the outposts and proven to The Governor that you are worthy of being the best of the best.

Supreme leader is for the one who created the clan or is at least level 60.

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