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- The Guide to surviving in Dead Frontier -

- Created on January 22nd of 2016 -

I wanted to start out by giving everyone a little bit of information about myself. You'll find this located on the info box to the right. I've been playing Dead Frontier since December of 2008. The game has evolved in many ways over the years and since I've been getting a lot of questions lately, I thought it due time to make a quickly accessible guide. In this guide I will attempt to cover all aspects of game-play. Including the Inner City, Arena, Clans, Trading, CB Radio, etcetera.

To anyone who utilizes this guide I want to say a quick thank you. It means a lot to me to be able to help even one person.

Getting started in Dead Frontier

Beginning on the game, you'll be creating your Dead Frontier character. The customization on Dead Frontier is rather limited. You'll decide your Character's Profile Name, Profession, and Physical Traits.

Guide to Dead Frontier - 1
Guide to Dead Frontier - 3

Creating your character is a very important aspect of the game. Your Profession will mean the difference between an endgame character who will have maximum stats or a character who will simply gain Experience faster than the average.

The most popular Professions in Dead Frontier are known as Experience Classes:

These are Professions that give you a boost in the Experience that you gain. There are nine Professions that will give you a thirty percent boost in Experience. This means that any zombie you kill, you'll get an extra thirty percent experience that a non-experience profession would have.

Tip: Stay away from the 'Student' Profession. It has an increase of twenty-two experience but it gives you one strength, two agility, and two endurance. This acts as 'Spreading Stats' and will be more frustrating than helpful later on in the game. You can always change your Profession in the Credit Shop!

Another popular Profession in the Dead Frontier community would be the 'Soldier'. This Profession provides your character with a negative twenty percent Experience increase, but provides you with five strength, ten endurance, accuracy, and reloading. It also gives you ten machine-gun skill. The Soldier is more difficult to level up due to the experience penalty but as a maximum level you will be able to have maximum stats as opposed to not.

Guide to Dead Frontier - 4

~ Level 220 - Jerakai - Maximum Stats ~

The more popular approach is to, of course, go with a Profession that increases your Experience gain. Even after you reach the maximum level this can be helpful due to further progression for clans and scoreboards.

Now that you've learned about the different Professions and Character Customization I believe it's time to address the Outposts.

As a new player you'll start in Nastya's Holdout. There will be a welcome message to explain a little bit about the game. There are five different Outposts: Nastya's Holdout, Dogg's Stockade, Precinct 13, Fort Pastor, and Secronom Bunker.

Guide to Dead Frontier - 5

I'll quickly cover the different areas of the Outposts and what they are for.

Meeting Hall - This will direct you to the forums. You can communicate with other players, create clan threads, look for items to purchase and sell your own, as well as speaking about serious topics and writing stories. It is suggested that you act appropriate in the forums as any inappropriate actions will result in a temporary, or worse case scenario, a permanent ban from the forums.
Guide to Dead Frontier - 7

For a list of all the Dead Frontier forum rules, please visit this thread It is expected that every Dead Frontier member review the rules and respect them. You can stick with the motto of 'It's just a game' if you want, but it's also a game that you can and will be banned from for abusing the rules. You can also find all of the rules for the game in general here.

The Bank - The bank is just as defined, a safe place to hold all of your hard earned money. You simply deposit money to keep it safe or withdraw to make purchases.

(If you die you will lose all of your money, unless you have a security box which will hold up to a certain amount as described on it)

Storage - Your storage is used to hold weapons and items without hindering inventory and market place selling. You can also use market place and private trade to hold items, as a last resort. (Though I generally keep my extra or unneeded items on an alternate account.)

Arena -

The Yard - This is an area useful for a variety of things. Scrap that old, useless Tatakau!

Guide to Dead Frontier - 8

Obviously the most popular use of 'The Yard' is to scrap items that you've looted or no longer want. The amount of money you receive from scrapping items depends on the item itself. Find the full list here.

In the yard you are also able to Master Dye (Please Don't), God-Craft, Rename Items, Master-Craft, and Apprentice Dye your clothing and armors.

Quick Run Down: Master-Crafting - This will give your item a random Master-Craft. Which are the stats that you see on your weapons. These will help boost your stats on your character; making you more powerful.

God-Crafting: Essentially, Master-Crafting only the stats will be perfect. It costs two hundred-fifty credits for weapons and five hundred for armors.

Renaming Items: You want to rename a Pen Knife to Potato? Well go ahead, it'll cost you five hundred credits.

Apprentice Dye: Randomly cycle through colors for your armors and clothing. It costs $30,000 for your armor and $15,000 for clothing.

Master Dye: Please why? You may trade credits to master dye items but it's a complete waste. Just apprentice dye until you find what you want.

Gambling Den - I believe this speaks for itself, a place to go to waste your money!

Records - The records are the place everyone strives to be on. As a clan and an individual you can be placed on these lists.

Individual: There are five 'All Time' lists and two 'Weekly' lists for the Individual player.

Clans: There are three 'All Time' lists and two 'Weekly' lists for the clan groups.

Guide to Dead Frontier - 9

As an Individual you'll have the chance to compete in Top Survivor and Top Player Killer. (These will be explained in further detail later.)

For All Time you simply build your records. You can do this buy putting money in the bank, recruiting players, grinding more experience then others, kill players and gain PvP points, or survive whilst gaining experience.

As a clan you have a few options. You can win Clan Top Player Killer or Clan Top Survival. (Again, these will be explained later.)

For clan 'All Times' there are Top Victorious, Top Survival, and Top PvP. (Note that the scores in these will be docked if the player leaves the clan.)

When a clan wins CTS or CTPK they gain VP (Victory Points) which will buy them 'Clan Boosts'. It will also place them in the 'Top Victorious Clans' list.

Access the records here.

Marketplace: The Marketplace is where you buy and sell goods.

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